Many transfer students ask common questions about continuing their education at Kutztown University. Take a look at our FAQ list below!

  • Q: Are SAT or ACT scores required for transfer students?

    A: Transfer students who have completed a minimum of 12 credits at the 100-level or higher are not required to provide SAT or ACT scores in order to receive a decision on their admission.

  • Q: Can I earn my Bachelor's Degree in two years after completing my Associate's Degree?

    A: For the most part recipients of an Associate Degree can plan on two years (full-time study) to complete their degree program provided the student enrolls in a parallel degree program, works closely with their academic advisor, has satisfied all general education/foundation/prerequisite courses, and courses are taken sequentially and passed on the first attempt. Academic advisors work with each student to map out a degree plan and estimated timeline for degree completion. There are some programs that may require additional coursework.

  • Q: Can I view copies of degree plans (program checksheets) for majors at Kutztown University?

    A: Yes, you can access a listing of our Academic Majors where you will learn more about the major. Click on your intended major and then click on 'Visit Department Site' to enter the department's main webpage and locate the program checksheet.

  • Q: Can transfer students live on campus?

    A: On-campus housing is available for transfer students who request housing on their admissions application and pay their ARD by published deadline dates. Transfer students with fewer than 60 credits are required to live on campus. Exemptions may apply. KU offers several living options.  Visit Housing for more information about on and off-campus housing opportunities.

  • Q: Do I need to send my high school transcript?

    A: If you have earned an Associate's degree, you do not need to send your high school transcript for the admissions review process. 

  • Q: Does a "D" grade transfer? How are my transferable credits applied to my major?

    A: In most circumstances, a minimum grade of "C-" is required for transfer consideration. Under certain conditions, however, through the Academic Passport program, we will accept "D" grades. In some instances, some programs may require a "C" or higher for major courses and certain other courses.  The academic department of your intended major will determine how your transferable credit(s) apply to your degree program.

  • Q: Does my GPA transfer?

    A: Courses and credits may transfer but your GPA does not transfer. Only the grades and quality points earned at KU are used to calculate your KU GPA. Each student has the potential to earn a 4.00 at Kutztown University.

  • Q: I attended several institutions but don't want my credits transferred from all of them. Do I still need to send all of my transcripts?

    A: Yes, an official transcript is required from each institution you attended even if you do not wish to have the credit considered for transfer.

  • Q: I have been out of school for 10 or more years. Do I have to start over again?

    A: The University welcomes the return to higher education of students who for various reasons did not complete their degrees. Courses taken in their major discipline 10 or more years prior to resumption of study might not count toward graduation, and for transfer students, the course might not transfer. Such courses may no longer be considered current or required for the degree. The Registrar's Office determines the acceptability of these credits following acceptance to KU.

  • Q: What are the maximum number of credits that I can transfer?

    A: There is no university-wide maximum. KU transfers as many credits as possible that are comparable to KU courses. This does not guarantee, however, that the courses will satisfy the student's graduation requirements. The academic department determines how transfer credits are applied to a student's program. Please note that to earn a KU degree, a student must complete at least 30 of the final 60 credits at KU and 50% of the major/minor courses must be taken at KU.

  • Q: When will I meet with my advisor?

    A: You will meet with your advisor to register for classes as part of New Student Orientation after you pay the Advanced Registration Deposit to commit to attending KU.  

  • Q: Will all of my courses transfer to Kutztown University?

    A: Nearly all college-level courses passed with a 'C-' or higher, that are comparable to KU courses, and that are taken at a regionally accredited institution are transferable. Developmental or remedial courses are not transferable. Our Transfer Credit Evaluation will help you determine if the courses you've taken are transferable to KU. If a school or course is not listed, our Registrar's Office will determine transferability following acceptance to KU.