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10 Reasons to Choose KU's Graduate Programs

1- Affordability - Kutztown University cost of attendance compares favorably to other state-related and private colleges and universities. Kutztown offers various financial aid opportunities, as well as graduate assistantships.

2- Small Class Sizes - There are currently about 1,000 graduate students on our campus, and the student to faculty ratio is 14:1 and the average class size is nine.  The small class sizes facilitate faculty and student interaction and collaboration.

3- Faculty - The faculty who teach Kutztown University's graduate classes are full-time professors, as opposed to adjuncts.  They are knowledgeable and experienced in their fields and are student-focused.

4- Accessible: Online, On-Campus, and Hybrid Coursework - Our graduate programs includes courses that are available online as well as on-campus.  The benefit to this mixture of delivery is that students will be able to get to know their professors and other students while including flexibility at the same time.

5- Graduate Assistantship Availability for Full-Time Students - Kutztown University has a limited number of Graduate Assistantships available for students who will be taking classes full-time.  These positions are competitive and include tuition waiver in exchange for working 20 hours per week in a campus office.  Graduate Assistantships provide opportunities for hands-on experience that can be valuable in building skills for the workplace.

6- Programs Designed to Prepare Students to be Leaders - The graduate programs offered at Kutztown University include a common goal of preparing students for leadership opportunities in their fields.

7- Diversity - Not only one type of student can be found in our graduate programs.  We welcome students with all levels of professional experience from many different backgrounds.  Our students are able to share this diversity with one another, enhancing the overall experience of their program.

8- Course Schedules Designed for Working Adults - Most classes are held during evenings, and meet one time per week.  During the summer and winter sessions, some accelerated course options are available.

9- Internship and Research Opportunities - Our programs allow students to hold internships that relate directly to the career they would like to pursue.  In addition, students conduct research that can help to set them apart from their peers. 

10- Networking Opportunities - Students can take advantage of opportunities to connect with their classmates and professors that can help build skills for the workplace, generate ideas, and even lead to employment.