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What to Bring to Campus

Because international students must travel a great distance to get to KU and the U.S., they may not want to travel with everything they will need at KU. The Office of International Admissions & Services provides several options for students to get the things they will need while attending KU and living on campus. They can bring items with them in their luggage, ship items to the Office of International Admissions & Services before they arrive, or purchase items on the shopping trip planned during orientation. The information on this webpage will help you to plan what to bring from home and pack in your luggage and also what to purchase after you arrive. 

KU residence halls have a bed, desk, chair, and closet for every student. Students must bring or purchase school supplies and any other items they want for their residence hall room. Students will be responsible for traveling with the proper documents and should consider bringing a few other items with them from home, listed below.

Items to Bring From Home

  • Travel Documents - Make sure all of these documents are easy to find in a carry-on bag and keep copies in your checked luggage:
    • Passport
    • Visa
    • I-20 or DS-2019
    • SEVIS I-901 Fee Confirmation of Payment
    • Financial Documents
    • KU Acceptance Letter
  • Official health records
    • Official documentation of vaccinations with a physician's signature
    • Proof of health insurance, if purchased privately
  • Outlet and Plug Converter: You should purchase an electrical outlet and plug converter for the U.S. from your home country to use with any electric device you bring. The U.S. operates on 120 V and has type A and type B electrical plugs.
  • Laptop: Students are not required to have their own computers and there are many computer labs with printers on campus for them to use. If you have your own laptop, you can bring it and use it on campus. There is wired internet access in the residence hall rooms and wireless access in the lounges and other campus buildings. Students can also purchase a computer on campus or at the store during the big shopping trip.
  • Camera: You may also want to bring a camera if you plan to participate in any field trips or travel on your own.
  • International Driver's License: If you plan to rent or drive a car while in the U.S., you should get an international driver's license in your home country prior to travelling to KU. International driver's licenses are valid for one year. After studying at KU for one year, you will be eligible to apply for a Pennsylvania state driver's license.

Items to ship to KU before you travel

Bedding and Towels: We strongly recommend that students purchase bedding before they arrive at KU and have it shipped to the Office of International Admissions. If students purchase these items in advance, they will have bedding and towels as soon as they check in to their residence hall room. We partner with Residence Hall Linens to offer quality bedding and other products at a reasonable price.

Residence Hall Linens: Website / Brochure (PDF)

Shipping Address (please label all boxes with student's full name):

Kutztown University
Office of International Admissions & Services
Boxwood House
15200 Kutztown Road
Kutztown, PA 19530

Items to purchase after you arrive at KU

Shopping trip: We will have a shopping trip to a large department store during the orientation, where students will be able to buy almost anything they need. Review the shopping list to view a list of items that students commonly use in their residence halls.

What to bring to campus and shopping list

Also review the housing list of What to Bring to Campus and MicroFridge information.