Meet Current Students

"I love the campus!  It's only an hour away from where I live, and it feels like home.  When I visited for the first time, something just told me that this was it!  The professors help students to be successful by going out of their way to make classes enjoyable.  They give 100% of their effort to students, and it makes me strive to be the best as well."

Megan Hughes headshot, criminal justice major, East Stroudsburg

"The thought of being both an upperclassman and the “new kid” was pretty intimidating since I transferred to KU as a junior. However, as soon as I stepped foot on campus, all my fears went away, and I knew I was home. KU was the right choice. The Transfer Community at KU really helps connect new transfers with other students. This community also helps you get connected with events, jobs, and opportunities on campus. Through this community, I found my place as a Transfer Tour Guide to help students find their place at KU."

Jacob Boyer standing outside, posing with his arms spread out wide and smiling, with his name and major, communication design, listed below his picture

"There are many reasons why I chose KU. As a commuter, it is close to home and I was comfortable with the campus, so it was an easy transition. Additionally, the Communication Design program is one of the best in the state. The professors really help you bring the best version of yourself to fruition and allow you to break out of your shell and be creative.  I am putting the skills I have learned so far to good use as I am currently working in the Admissions Office as the team graphic designer. My time at KU has been incredible and I have made so many friends and memories that I would not trade for the world!"

Carmen Gisondi headshot in front the ocean at sunset, with her name and major, communication design, listed below her picture

"After I received my associate's degree, I knew I wanted to transfer somewhere local to finish my degree. Kutztown was a great option because it was close to home and had a beautiful campus. I felt safe walking around and instantly loved the school. During my visit, I felt inspired by the student work in the halls. Students talked highly of the CD program and it made me feel excited. There was a strong sense of community, and I knew it would be a great place for me to further my education."

MyKaela Marsh-Cobb

"KU's Anthropology program caught my attention before the campus did.  I started looking into KU more and liked seeing students' personal experiences highlighted on social media. My classes are preparing me for my future career by providing a ton of hands-on experience.  I get to work closely with my professors as well.

Zach Goodman smiling and standing next to an ice sculpture of a roaring bear, his hand on its head, with his name and major, Environmental Science, listed below the picture

"I chose KU because it was a close commute from home and the science classes are top-notch!  What I love most about KU is the community and people I get to interact with every day.  Being involved with Residence Life as a Community Assistant, and with Admissions as a Tour Guide give me the chance to meet new people every day!  It's important to get involved to get the most out of your college experience."

Emily Navarro smiling and sitting in a computer lounge with her name and major, business management, listed below her picture

“Kutztown University was the second school I transferred to, and I should’ve started here in the first place. As a first-generation college student, I have been lucky to have support from TRIO Student Services. They helped me every step of the way to continue my degree, even during the pandemic. I was able to gain a mentor, succeed in my classes after struggling online, and balance my responsibilities. Without TRIO, I wouldn’t have survived college."

Megan Hanaway headshot, with her name and major, Elementary Education, listed below her picture.

"I absolutely love KU!  the community atmosphere all around campus is so welcoming, supportive, and caring.  I also love the 24/7 unlimited dining, which is completely unique to our campus!  My advice to prospective students is that it's okay to be homesick - college isn't easy!  It takes a while to get adjusted to college life, so go easy on yourself and take some "me" time!"

Abeyni Delgado sitting on a bench with her name and major, chemistry, listed below her picture

“After I visited for the first time, I knew KU was the place to be, and I was right. The chemistry program here is extremely hands-on and we had the freedom to conduct our own experiments. I would not have been able to go through college without the amazing professors and their guidance. Dr. Betts and Dr. Mayrhofer always pushed me and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Having professors who actually care about your well-being makes all the difference in the world. Socially, I have had the best time here. From being on Black Flame Dance Team and also attending different events, I have made amazing memories and friends. I am leaving Kutztown with confidence in my chemistry knowledge as well as friends I will cherish forever. I don’t think I could ask for much more out of my experience here at KU.”