Talk with Tour Guides

Get to know some of our Admissions Tour Guides! Expand the drop-down to learn more about our featured students. Reach out to them via email to ask more about their experiences on campus!

  • Nessa Cartagena: Finance and Personal Financial Planning

    Hometown: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
    High School: Liberty High School
    Email address:
    Favorite thing about KU: It’s not too big but it’s not too small. I see familiar faces every day but I also meet new people every day!
    A little-known fact about my major: It’s really easy to pick up a minor or a second major within the College of Business because all business majors take the same core classes. 
    Piece of advice for new students: Take your time to adjust to college; your new environment, classes, and time management. I encourage students to get involved but don’t overwhelm yourself. There’s a lot to enjoy!

  • Nathan Hayduk: German Studies and Political Science

    Hometown: Kutztown, Pennsylvania 
    High School: Kutztown Area Senior High School
    Email address:
    Favorite thing about KU: I love how beautiful the campus is. There is an overabundance of places to sit and relax outside including places to put up a hammock between two trees. In the winter the same is true inside; lots of nooks to study in. You have a ninety-nine percent chance of finding me with my feet up by the fireplace in the fireside lounge during the colder months.
    A little-known fact about my major: In the German Studies major, you have the opportunity to study in Hildesheim, Germany for a semester or whole year. For Political Science, you have the ability to intern in DC through a program called The Washington Center. Through both of these opportunities, I spent a year in Germany and a semester in DC interning with an NGO. 
    Piece of advice for new students: This is a time for trying new things. It’s going to be scary getting out there but it’s definitely worth it. You never know what opportunities will come your way by trying new things!

  • Dawn Lam: Psychology

    Hometown: Mount Joy, PA
    High School: Manheim Central High School
    Email address:
    Favorite thing about KU: There are so many spots you can sit at to study or hang out whether it’s inside or outside.
    A little-known fact about my major: KU has a career day fair just for Psychology majors.
    Piece of advice for new students: Get involved and start by doing something that you already know and enjoy. Do something you are interested in! Explore and research what we have on campus. There are some clubs and organizations that you might not think would exist. Do what you like and not what others like.

  • Bobby Frankenfield: Elementary Education/Pre-K-4

    Hometown:  Souderton, PA
    High School:  Souderton Area High School
    Email address:
    Favorite thing about KU: The people! I've been able to meet people from different states, countries, and backgrounds with so many outlooks on life that help you grow so much as a person!
    A little-known fact about my major: There is an internship opportunity for all education majors that you can start the second semester of your freshman year!
    Piece of advice for new students: Get involved as soon as you get on campus! There are so many organizations you can join, and so many great people to meet with similar interests, you won't regret it!

  • Courtney O'Connell: Computer Science with Mathematics minor

    Hometown: Monroe Township, New Jersey
    High School: Monroe Township High School
    Email address:
    Favorite thing about KU: Kutztown has a bunch of clubs and organizations for students to join! Getting involved is a great way to stay busy and meet new people.
    A little-known fact about my major:  The Computer Science department offers a lot of fun electives for students to take such as gaming and virtual reality.
    Piece of advice for new students:  Don’t be scared to reach out to professors, peers, or organizations! Everyone at Kutztown is always happy to help students get what they need to succeed.

  • Josh Gonzalez: Studio Art

    Hometown: Bushkill, Pennsylvania 
    High School: East Stroudsburg North High School
    Email address:
    Favorite thing about KU: The environment. There are always new people to meet and new experiences to be had. The possibility of growth is really strong.
    A little-known fact about my major: This isn’t really a fact, but you’ll learn that the long hours of studio time are worth it and your peers are fundamental to your growth as an artist. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
    Piece of advice for new students: Don’t be afraid to change. Think of high school-you and college-you as completely different people. There is a lot of pressure in high school that seems to just disappear when you get to college. Allow yourself to grow and become the person you want/were meant to be and don’t second guess yourself.

  • Grace Fassbender: Elementary Education Pre-K-4

    Hometown: Chalfont, Pennsylvania 
    High School: Pennridge High School
    Email address:
    6)Favorite thing about KU: Kutztown to me feels like home and the friends I have met here have become my family.
    A little-known fact about my major: You read a lot of children’s books!
    Piece of advice for new students: Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Kutztown is a place where people with all different personalities and interests can thrive. When you are true to yourself, you will attract people who love you for who you are!

  • Brett Sheplock: Psychology/Clinical Counseling

    Hometown: Langhorne, Pennsylvania 
    High School: Neshaminy High School
    Email address:
    Favorite thing about KU: It feels like home; big enough where you can grow as a person, but small enough where everyone becomes a familiar face.
    A little-known fact about my major: Students can participate/ help conduct research as of their freshman year!
    Piece of advice for new students: Start off your first semester by setting yourself up with a great GPA. Join maybe one club first semester and then after you have a good foundation, then enjoy everything KU has to offer. Clubs and organizations aren’t going anywhere, but if you have a bad GPA, then you’re fighting to get it better rather than enjoying your time.

  • Caroline Collins: Secondary Education/Social Studies & Special Education

    Hometown: Bel Air, Maryland
    High School: C. Milton Wright High School
    Email Address:
    Favorite thing about KU: I love how our campus is split between academic and residential sides. It's like you're going home at the end of the day!
    A little - known fact about my major: You get to go out into the field early on! In your sophomore and junior years, you'll be going into local schools at least once a week to help you gain experience and prepare you for your last semester of student teaching.
    Piece of advice for new students: Take advantage of everything that is happening on campus, always! Also, make sure to check out Main Street - a lot of businesses and shops offer student discounts!