Freshman Scholarships

Note: Criteria for each scholarship are determined by donors and recipients are chosen by each department. Since some scholarships may be renewed by the current scholarship holder, not all listed scholarships are available every year. Scholarship applicants will be considered for all available opportunities for which they are qualified, following acceptance to the university and program of study (if applicable). Students are also encouraged to view additional opportunities available through the Admissions, Athletics, College of Business, College of Education, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Financial Aid, Honors, and Miscellaneous scholarship categories.

Charles '54 and Betty Hewes '57 Grebey Scholarship

Established through the estates of Charles and Betty Grebey to provide scholarship assistance to freshman student majoring in mathematics, sciences, or library science.

College of Education Dean's Scholarship

Freshman education major, dean's choice. Established by the dean of the College of Education to provide scholarships to incoming freshman education majors from gifts given to the College of Education Fund.

Donald L. Miller Undergraduate Scholarship

Freshman from Berks County, not majoring in natural or physical sciences. Established by Donald L. Miller '53 to continue his legacy of helping entering freshman achieve their goals by providing scholarship assistance to worthy students.

Eichler and Frankenfield Scholarship

Freshman, junior, or senior from Lehigh County.

Frederick Francis Harris Scholarship

Established by Mr. and Mrs. Milford P. Kelly, Jr. (nephew) in memory of Frederick Francis Harris, former student, to provide scholarships to freshman or sophomore students who demonstrate academic potential.

Georgina Weaver Jackson '33 Memorial Fund

Established by the estate of Georgiana W. Jackson '33 to provide scholarship assistance to an incoming freshman majoring in elementary education.

J. Russell Longstreet Scholarship

Freshman showing academic promise.

John Holingjak Honors Scholarship

Established by John Holingjak Jr. '56 to provide scholarship assistance to a freshman enrolled in the Honors Program, with preference given to a student majoring in education.

Karl F. Walter Scholarship Fund

Established by members of the Physical Science Department in honor of Karl F. Walter (emeriti professor of physical science), to provide scholarships to freshman physical science majors.

Katherine D. Christ Award

Freshman or senior majoring in elementary education. Established by the estate of Katherine D. Christ '26 (elementary education professor), to provide scholarships for students preparing for a career in elementary education.

Lawrence R. Pugh/VF Corporation Scholarship

Freshman from Berks County.

Lester M. Davidheider Award

Freshman, junior, or senior with a 3.0 GPA.

Lillian C. Hartman Scholarship

Freshman with SAT scores greater than or equal to 1000. Established by Lillian C. Hartman '23 and '34 to provide scholarships to an incoming freshman majoring in education.

Nicholas G. Stevens Scholarship

Freshman majoring in Library Science and a freshman on the football team with a 2.5 GPA. Established by Mrs. Elizabeth Stevens (wife) and the Library and Learning Technologies Department in memory of Nicholas G. Stevens to provide a scholarship to an entering freshman majoring in library science, and a scholarship to an entering freshman who will be a football player.

Pearl and Merryl '48 Rentschler Scholarship

Freshman Pennsylvania resident with a 3.0 GPA.

Ronald L. Marburger '61 Scholarship

Freshman math or computer science major, preferably from Pottstown High School.

Ruth B. deFrancesco Scholarship in Modern Language

Freshman majoring in modern language.

Russell C. Trexler '31 and Stella V. Trexler '30 Memorial Scholarship

Freshman majoring in elementary education, mathematics, or history.