Miscellaneous Scholarships

Note: Criteria for each scholarship are determined by donors and recipients are chosen by each department. Since some scholarships may be renewed by the current scholarship holder, not all listed scholarships are available every year. Scholarship applicants will be considered for all available opportunities for which they are qualified, following acceptance to the university and program of study (if applicable). Students are also encouraged to view additional opportunities available through the Admissions, Athletics, College of Business, College of Education, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Financial Aid, Freshman, and Honors scholarship categories.

Donald L. Miller Graduate Scholarship

Established by Donald L. Miller '53 to encourage graduate counseling students to follow his legacy of helping students.

John Holingjak '57 Veteran's Scholarship

Established by John Holingjak, '57 to provide scholarship assistance to a full-time student who is a veteran of the U.S. armed services.

Kutztown University Alumni Legacy Scholarship

Awarded to a junior or senior with a 3.25 GPA who is a child of an alumni. Established by alumni to provide recognition to a student who demonstrated commitment to academic excellence and who has a direct legacy connection to the university. The scholarship, created by alumni support through the Alumni Association, exemplifies their on-going support of and commitment to their alma mater.

Lambda Chi Alpha Scholarship

Established by the alumni of the Sigma Gamma Zeta chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha to recognize the brother who best exemplifies the ideals of Lambda Chi Alpha, the recipient is selected annually by LCA Alumni.

Pat Madden Scholarship

Established by the Residence Hall Association in memory of Patricia A. Madden '82 to provide scholarships to students who contribute to community development in the residence halls through involvement and leadership.

Rose and Edward Kelly Scholarship

Established by Margaret K. Devlin, former Dean of Library Services, in memory of her parents, Rose and Edward Kelly, to provide scholarship aid to a library student assistant.

Steve R. Skelly '96 Scholarship

Established by Richard R. Skelly Jr. (father) in memory of Steven R. Skelly '96 to provide scholarships for worthy full-time students majoring in electronic media, communication studies, or elementary education, who are currently battling cancer or may be mobility impaired.

William and Joanne Ribble Scholarship

Established by William '73 and Joanne '74 Ribble to provide scholarship aid to a worthy new full-time student who has demonstrated a commitment to community service.