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Anthropology Program

    Let curiosity be your guide. Meet Vale Deeter, Class of 2018Vale Deeter's passion for art history led her to pursue Mesoamerican studies through a major in anthropology.
    She's discovered a blend of research, hands-on experience, and leadership that will shape

    her future. 

    Anthropology is the academic discipline that studies humans through an interdisciplinary lens. It combines science with humanities, biology with culture, history with prehistory, and primates with language.

    Program/Course Highlights

      Our program focuses on the complex linkages among four sub-fields - physical anthropology, archeology, linguistics, and cultural anthropology - and emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork. Kutztown University offers a program rich in diversity and academic potential in three major areas: cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, and archeology. An individual program of study in linguistic anthropology is also offered.

      Cultural anthropology studies range from the Caribbean, to the Middle East, to the Pacific islands and Australia. In Physical Anthropology, we offer an intro course as well as forensics, human genetics, primatology, and human evolution. Our Archeology program includes courses such as historical archeology, world prehistory and archeology of Pennsylvania.

      You can read course descriptions within the MyKU Student Information System. The courses are arranged alphabetically by prefix. To select Anthropology, search for the ANT prefix.

      We have extensive teaching facilities, and our library holds over 10,000 titles in anthropology and related fields, subscriptions to leading anthropological journals, and the new, fully searchable Human Relations Area Files.

      We also provide a summer field school where our students are trained in the latest excavation and mapping techniques.