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Brianna McGovern

Brianna McGovernBrianna McGovern

By Anastasia Lehneis '17

Within the first couple months of arriving at Kutztown University, Brianna McGovern, knew that this was her chance to start fresh and make her upcoming years memorable. From the beginning of her freshman year, her involvement stemmed from first joining her hall council to becoming a Residence Hall Association rep, which she is still involved in.

Similar to many other students, she came in as undeclared, not knowing exactly what it was that she was planning to do. While searching for a calling may be worrisome, Brianna understood that finding something she will be doing for the rest of her life may take time.

"You shouldn't wait to figure out what you want to do, but also shouldn't feel like you are being rushed either. The best way to find your path is to trust your decisions."

While continuing her exploration for the right major, she continued being proactive on campus and eventually began working for offices such as Residence Life, Orientation, Aramark and the McFarland Student Union.

As her involvement grew, so did her future plans. After taking a few classes in communication studies and learning more about the great things offered in the department, Brianna found her passions, and eventually added Spanish and psychology minors.

It was then McGovern discovered the study of public relations.  It soon became her dream to work for Buzzfeed, or some part of the military, working with websites, promotions, or new media and digital communication

Along with the many jobs Brianna occupied herself with, and the load of schoolwork, Brianna's biggest challenge was trying to find a balance between academics work, and volunteering.

"You get to college and you realize that your parents aren't here to remind you of that upcoming project, or to get organized and how to plan your day. It's nice to branch out, but it was difficult at first, which is why I always stress that incoming freshmen get involved on campus."

Even though Brianna has been independent throughout her life, having both the university and the town itself feel like home made her transition to Golden Bear country much easier.
Born a triple-amputee, McGovern traverses campus in a wheelchair.

Brianna McGovern"As a person with disabilities, sometimes you feel discouraged to do certain things because you feel like it'll be too much work for people to try and accommodate you.  At, KU I've never gotten that feeling."

After experiencing the friendly faculty and staff across campus, at the Disability Services Office (DSO),  classrooms and dining halls, Brianna's nervous feeling was replaced with excitement and an eagerness to get involved.

"KU does a wonderful job in making sure that the campus is accessible to everyone. No matter what organization or job you join at KU they will always make sure that you feel welcome and will do everything they can to keep you involved with their activities.

Despite living close to home, one of her biggest fears was being homesick, which is what encouraged her to get involved from the start.

"When you see the President and Mrs. Hawkinson, Wynnie - their dog, students, faculty and town residents walking down main street, it's hard not to feel like you're home."

One of Brianna's favorite memories include going to the Kutztown Folk Festival during summertime in Kutztown.

Brianna is excited to see what adventures lie ahead in her junior year to graduation, hoping to fill it with more memories, volunteer opportunities and studies.