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Choose KU, Choose the World

Kurtis Hultz standing on the pitchers mound for KU, about to throw a pitch.

Kurtis Hultz

By Colin Jensen '17

While pitching in an all-star game for Cecil Community College in Maryland, where he attended for two years, a Kutztown University baseball coach spotted Kurtis Hultz. At the invitation of the coach and at the urging of his father, he set up a tour of the Kutztown campus.

"I had no intention of staying in the north; I had about twenty schools lined up down south," said Hultz, who hadn't been considering college in Pennsylvania. He was convinced he was wasting his time.

He was visiting Kutztown to make his parents happy, but halfway through the tour, before seeing any other school, he fell in love.

"The campus is beautiful and it's close to home," he said as he highlighted the importance of his family being close enough to watch him pitch for the Golden Bears.

Joining a team with a history of winning championships, Hultz felt the pressure of performing well enough to capture another one. Although KU did not win the title during his two seasons on the team, he reiterated the value of his experience with Kutztown baseball and his time spent forging permanent bonds with his teammates.

Kurtis Hultz in his National Guard uniform, sitting on top of a National Guard vehicle.

"Kutztown baseball was tough, but we had some of the best talent I've ever played with, some of the best guys I've ever met."

Hultz made mention to his KU strength and conditioning coach, Kyle Mastropole, considering him one of the biggest reasons he is where he is today.

"Hands down I wouldn't have made it through last year without him."

He went on to say that he might not be playing baseball anymore if he hadn't come to Kutztown.

The selling point, besides baseball, was the proximity of his National Guard unit.

"My first Army unit was right out back," he said, in regard to the National Guard barracks behind campus. "I had to switch Army units [in the past] so seeing Charlie Company right out back helped me make the choice."

Hultz emphasized the impact of his time in the military and how it has helped his baseball and school career.

"Going through boot camp, the self-discipline they taught me, you wouldn't believe how much stuff you have to have memorized."

As someone who saw himself as not being motivated to perform well in school, Hultz says the military taught him the crucial skill of studying, which has helped him succeed at Kutztown.

This past summer, he made his rookie debut in an independent league based out of Puerto Rico for a team called the Puerto Rico Islanders. He posted a 3.5 ERA and made the all-star team.

Graduating this December with a business administration degree, Hultz plans to go pro and dreams of playing for the Boston Red Sox. Hultz takes life one day at a time and emphasizes the idea of keeping your end goal in mind.

"Being able to accomplish your short term goals will keep that end goal a possibility."