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Math Modeling ChallengeMath Modeling

Kutztown University students made history at the 2017 Cumberland Valley Math Modeling Challenge (CVMMC).  KU's team tied for first place, a first-ever at the competition, in the best presentation category with fellow competitors from host, Shippensburg University.  "Team Bernoulli," as they were known, members included Bobby Koch, David Nelson, and Ryan Rudnitskas.

Both Shippensburg and Kutztown received the "Honorable Mention" award for their Executive Summary.

Cumberland Valley Math Modeling Challenge is an annual 24-hour math modeling contest. Teams select one problem out of two, develop a mathematical model to solve the problem, write an executive summary, and give a 10-minute presentation. The two problems this year were (1) model the impact that three possible Electoral College reforms would have on campaigning and (2) develop a plan to evacuate back-country campers from Glacier National Park in the event of a forest fire.

"CVMMC was a great experience to be creative with math," Koch said. "I had fun and learned a lot about math."  

Kutztown's Team Cauchy took the prize for the best Executive Summary. The team members included Matthew Bartlett, Diego Manzano-Ruiz and Safal Raut Chetri.  

Kutztown's teams were named after famous mathematicians, "Team Abel," "Team Bernoulli," and "Team Cauchy".

The four colleges represented at the competition included Kutztown, Shippensburg, the United States Military Academy at West Point and Bryn Athyn.

Dr. Ben Galluzzo, associate professor of mathematics at Shippensburg University, runs the challenge every year and makes it a fun and cordial event, complete with a midnight pizza party and game time. This combination makes the CVMMC an event that students enjoy going to every year.  

Dr. Eric Landquist, KU professor of mathematics and CVMMC advisor stated, "the last 'C' in CVMMC is "Challenge," and not "Contest" because this event is designed to challenge yourself."    

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