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Choose KU, Choose the World

Philadelphia Museum of Art Internship

By Camala Moser '16

Benjamin Hoffman, a 2015 graduate of KU with a dual major in Fine Arts and Art Education, was chosen over hundreds of applicants to be an art education intern at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. He brought his knowledge and wisdom from KU with him to his internship.

"It was here at KU that I learned how to teach. It's about teaching to each individual, and seeing how you can speak to every individual's needs," Hoffman said.

His supervisor, Adam Rizzo, museum educator, was thrilled with his work at the museum.

"He was a natural with kids of all ages. It was great to see him grow as a teacher while he was here," Rizzo said.

Cynthia Cosio, manager of Family Studio Learning at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, says they don't just hire the interns for the interns' benefit, it's more of a two-way street.

"I also think that we do it [accepting interns] so that we can learn from the interns themselves," Cosio said. "We get a great, new, bunch of energy. It's wonderful because we learn from them, just as much as they learn from us."

She was so thrilled with his work that they decided to keep him on their staff to help out with family events in their education department.

"When we saw him teach, we knew we needed to figure out a way to keep him on, and we have. To see him interact with the students, and my goodness, even the adults, is something that is just so beautiful," she said.

It was the skills that he learned at KU and took with him that made him such a great candidate for this position. His educational skills continue to grow as he moves past KU and into the world with real teaching experience.  

"I found a way to make myself approachable and understandable, and I found ways to make learning enjoyable to every one of every age, honestly," Hoffman said.

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Benjamin Hoffman at the Philadelphia Museum of Art