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Choose KU, Choose the World

Victoria Salazar with her brothers, Luis, Brandon and Michael Victoria Salazar

By Amanda Meck '19

The Golden Bear lifestyle was something that freshman Victoria Salazar had been dreaming of since age seven. With brothers Luis, Michael and Brandon all attending Kutztown, she had been surrounded by KU gear from a very young age. She had always thought, "One day, I'm going to be here too." In the fall of 2017, Victoria made that dream a reality.

To Victoria, Kutztown felt like a second home. Her favorite part is the atmosphere that encompasses the campus.

"I feel like you have to be at Kutztown to understand it," she stated. "The people and the scenery are just so inviting. I can't imagine being anywhere else."

Attending KU has given Victoria something to share with her brothers. Her brothers always had a special connection growing up because they were so close in age. However, she felt left out being the only girl in the family and being so much younger in age. This new connection is something that Victoria is very thankful for.

Michael '14 and Brandon '17 both graduated with degrees in chemistry, and Luis '13, with a degree in physics. Victoria is currently majoring in chemistry with a minor in German. She is appreciative that her brothers are able to help her since they have been through the same area of study.  

Victoria's brothers have each created their own unique path. Luis is returning to Kutztown to complete a second degree in mathematics. Michael is currently working for a pharmaceutical company, and Brandon is employed at Intertek as well as returning to school to pursue his master's degree through the University of Buffalo.

Even though she is following in her brothers' footsteps in attending KU, Victoria wants to make the Kutztown experience her own. She is currently involved in the Chemistry Club and has plans of joining the Environmental Awareness Club, running for Student Government Board, and joining a recreational volleyball team. Victoria also works as a tour guide on campus where she shares her passion for KU with prospective students in hopes that they will fall in love with Kutztown like she did.

Spending time in the library with friends is something that Victoria really enjoys when she is not in class. She is looking forward to all of the new people she will meet, and friendships that she will form in the next few years at Kutztown.

After graduating from Kutztown, Victoria intends to join the Peace Corps for two years. She would also like to work in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as obtain her master's degree and begin working in academia.

Victoria really became passionate about teaching students after she was a part of a STEM program in her first semester. A group of fifth grade students from the Reading School District came to KU and completed fun experiments with the Chemistry Club. The students and their parents also asked questions about the road to college, as well as what it's like to be a college student. That moment had such an impact on Victoria that she realized her desire to work in academia.

After attending three Kutztown graduation ceremonies for her brothers, Victoria stated that the thing that she is looking forward to most in her years at Kutztown is the day that it is her turn to walk across the graduation stage in the O'Pake Fieldhouse and obtain her diploma.

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