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Detailed Billing Information

Spring Billing Date is November 21, 2018 - Due Date January 3, 2019
If you prefer to only review the Brief Billing Information page - click here.

Why did I get that email?

A bill (invoice) is ready in MyKU for all students who have any financial activity on their account (charges OR payments).  We don't mail bills - you must view them in MyKU. Bills may show an amount due or a zero balance (due to a recent payment or pending aid).  We encourage all students to take a moment and log into MyKU and view the account to see if the activity is what they expected and to see what they owe.  The amount due is due by the originally assigned due date.  We only email KU email accounts to notify about the bills.  Review this email and then call us with any additional questions - we are happy to help!  

NOTE: To keep course schedules, room assignments and meal plans - students must pay their bill and make their Intent to Attend (checkbox and SAVE below the schedule on the Student Center).  

How often do you bill?

We bill at the beginning of each month when there is activity on the account.  During certain times of the year, such as FALL or SPRING billing, we will do a few extra bills to help grab changes in aid and charges (i.e. changing course-load, locations, housing options, meal options).  Spring billing occurs online in November.  

Where exactly is my bill?

MyKU > Student Center > Finances Area > drop down choose Charges Due.  Scroll down and you will see your invoice/bill history.  Click on the View Invoice link to open the pdf document and view it.  This is what you want to upload to a 529 plan if using one (send us the confirmation page)!  

What is included on the bill?

Spring 2019 enrolled credits, as well as room and meal plan assignments on campus (we do not bill for off campus housing options).  Changes to any of these items can change the balance due.  Aid may also be adjusted after Add Drop if the enrollment decreases to part time (less than 12 credits for an undergraduate student); or for many other reasons.  Prior semester and session charges are discussed farther below.  Undergraduates (12-18 credits is the same cost) Graduates (per credit only)  

How much do I personally owe?

The bill shows the individual charges and any anticipated aid you may be expecting. The Ending Account Balance is what you owe.  You can also see a real time summary of this on the student center in the Account Summary part of the Finances area.  This shows the amount You Owe KU, less any pending or anticipated aid, and a Conditional Balance Due.  All amounts due can change based on charges and aid eligibility.  Keep an eye on it.  The Account Summary totals are real time and most current.  For Financial Aid information - see below.  

How can I make a payment?

Payment Options

MyKU > Student Center > Finances Area click on Make a Payment button and proceed - do not pay payment plans like this OR set up a plan like this - payment plan activity must be on the Payment Plan Dashboard to count and show as a plan or plan payment.  Fees may apply based on payment option selected.   

  • Online in MyKU - credit card (fee applies) OR E-check (free unless returned for any reason)
  • In person at the office - Cash or check
  • By Mail - check (allow for 1 week to arrive and post even if mailing locally).
  • 529 plan / TAP account - submit your bill and request to your college savings plan for withdrawal of funds - request the funds get mailed to us to pay the bill.  Scan and email the confirmation page to us so we can code the account (you can fax as well if you prefer 610-683-4674).  We will code the account Classes Safe if the amount requested satisfies the bill since you can't control the source mailing the check.  
  • Financial Aid and other Funding Options are listed below.  

When is the bill due?

Spring 2019 charges are due January 3, 2019.  Students who register late will want to view their charges in the Charges Due section to see their assigned due date.  Late Registrants should expect a bill due date approximately 2 weeks from registration date.  Housing and meals may be due before you register for classes if you are a late registrant.  

What happens if I don't pay my bill?

Non-payment of any charges due may result in course removal, late fee assessment, as well as registration and transcript/diploma holds.   *Several criteria is reviewed before making this major decision at KU. If this happens to you, you may be able to re-register for new courses, new room or meal plan upon successful prepayment of the balance due that was due.  This is only possible through the end of Add Drop (Jan. 29, 2019).  If you are looking for the hold to be released with urgency, you may want to reach out to us about the prepayment method you should use as some have a 2 week wait period before registration can occur.  If the lack of payment is due to Financial Aid issues - contact them directly with urgency; a payment plan may be needed to give you more time to work on aid matters and avoid course removal.  

What is the Intent to Attend mentioned above?

Every student (undergraduate and graduate) must, in addition to paying the bill, check the small box and click SAVE.  The date completed remains behind so you know it's done.  If you don't see the date completed, do it again!  

Holds BOX on the Student Center

In the Student Center you will see a Holds Box - there are positive and negative holds listed here - click on Details and drill down for more information.  These are the most common:  

  • Classes Safe - If you see this in the Holds Box, this positive hold means the funds listed are not yet here (like a 529 plan payment) and should be enough to cover the conditional balance due, or that you have a payment plan for the amount and it is sufficient to cover the balance due.
  • Pending Funds - If you see this in the Holds Box, this means that we have some funds pending arrival but they are not enough to cover the balance that remains due or past due.  Often this is because a payment plan was set up but not enough to cover the balance due, or a 529 payment is coming but not enough to cover the balance due. 

Financial Aid (the nitty gritty)

Financial Aid is awarded based on completing a FAFSA or applying for loans.  Aid must show as Pending for Student Accounts to see it and consider it as pending payment.  Awarded aid does not count towards the bill.  For Aid to move from Awarded to Pending (Anticipated Aid), some items are required as well as being eligible for the aid.  If you are, or were, expecting aid that is not showing as Pending on your Spring 2019 bill or in the Account Summary, please contact Financial Aid (610-683-4077) with urgency to discuss the matter.  There are quite a few items that may be needed to move aid from Awarded to Pending.  Some of these can take a few weeks to complete, some just 15 minutes.  DO NOT DELAY.  

Why is my Financial Aid not moving from Awarded to Pending?

Look at your To Do box on the Student Center in MyKU - anything listed must be done!  

  • New Freshman Students have to submit their FINAL HS transcript, complete Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note at  Parents have to sign a Promissory Note if they take a PLUS loan at
  • New Transfer Students need to either submit a FINAL HS transcript or proof of the Associates Degree. If they used Stafford Loans before, complete the Entrance Counseling.  If they didn't use Stafford Loans before, complete the Entrance Counseling and the Master Promissory Note.  Make sure the FAFSA is updated to show Kutztown University's Aid code.
  • ALL students - Random verification is also possible where you must submit items like Tax Transcripts, W-2's and a verification form.  This process can take 2 weeks to review from when items are submitted - DO NOT DELAY!
  • Eligibility - Students must make progress at KU to be able to keep getting federal aid and certain other types of aid.  If the student doesn't meet the criteria for the aid such as minimum GPA and completion rate, they may not be eligible for the aid and for that reason it won't show.  For these students - there are some alternative loans that may be applied for or the payment plan option.  

Other Funding Options

There are a few options to "bridge the gap" between your aid package and costs.  

  • Payment Plans will occur in the Payment Plan Dashboard accessed from within MyKU.  This is a NEW process, we encourage you to review it online first before setting the plan up.  Log into MyKU > Student Center > Finances area and use the drop-down menu > Select Pay Plan Sign up/Pay.  Payments made in MyKU will not be recorded towards a payment plan and will not set up a payment plan. ALL Payment Plan activity must be on the Payment Plan Dashboard.  Payment Plans have a cost of $35 that will be added to the first payment due at sign up - the system will calculate this for you based on you entering the amount you want the plan for.
  • Parent PLUS Loans are loans a parent can take to help the student pay their bill.  These are loans the parent pays back.  The parent logs into with their own FSA ID and password and goes under Parent Borrowers and clicks on Apply for a PLUS loan.  This takes about 5 minutes!  If the parent is approved - the parent needs to sign the promissory note.  IF the parent is denied - the student might get additional unsub Stafford loans.
  • Alternative Loans are loans a student takes in their name that they pay back.  The student however needs a credit worthy co-signer.  Review lenders & interest rates and apply at  NJ Residents have an attractive NJ CLASS loan option at - min GPA requirement applies.
  • Employer Reimbursement Deferments are available for those students taking courses that will have some reimbursement from their employer.  Requirements: $350 per course, online KU form completed and proof of the benefit submitted to Student Accounts.  Good payment history required. 

Prior Semester and Sessions Charges

Spring 2019 aid cannot pay prior semester or session charges - log into MyKU to pay them now!  Non-payment can impact Spring 2019 schedules, room assignments and more!   

  • Fall 2018 charges exist for some students as a prior balance on their first invoice or as charges on the Charges Due screen for spring (MyKU > Student Center > Finances Area > use the drop down box and select Charges Due this will show amounts by term...).  These might be items like Residence Hall Damages, ID replacement fees, Health Center fees and Parking tickets from fall.  These are considered past due.  Spring 2019 financial aid cannot pay Fall 2018 charges.  Pay the past due items now!
  • Winter 2019 charges exist for a few students.  Some have a code Winter Classes Safe in the Holds box for a winter payment plan that ends in January.  If there is not a Winter Classes Safe code - then the balance is due and must be paid by the due date assigned to avoid a late fee or course removal.  Another code that might be in the Holds box is Pending Funds - this means you have some sort of funding or plan, but it's not enough to cover the full bill.  Clear this up NOW!  


Did you take more aid than needed for the bill so that you will have some money for books, spending money, off campus rent? Please know that we cannot receive any aid until after the Add Drop period ends and final eligibility is run.  This means that aid will start to come in no sooner than Friday, Feb 8th.  The aid could be released later depending on attendance reporting.  We will start refunding as quickly as we can that day or the next business day.  

  • New Students will receive a green envelope in the mail from BankMobile starting the end of July and weekly thereafter.  This contains a personal code. Use this code to log into to make a choice of how you want to get refunds from KU if you ever get one.  Be prepared and make a choice now!  Direct Deposit is the most popular option!
  • Returning Students should already have a preference on file and that will remain with you.  If you never selected a refund preference, you can email us for a personal code to be emailed to you to set one up!  If you already had a preference and can't log in - you will have to call them at 866-730-6627.  

Bookstore Account Program

Need to buy books but need your refund first?  We know you need your books sooner than refunds start!  If your account is in good standing, current status and showing an expected credit balance - you can apply for a bookstore account to be used in the bookstore using your refund in advance.  You need to grant permissions for the aid to be used this way.  Applications start online January 7th and last until January 31st.  Purchases are made in the KU Campus Store only through February 5th.   Read more here!  

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We are happy to help you navigate this experience!  Call us or email us today!   

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