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Payment Plans

Kutztown University is proud to offer payment plans.  We currently use Tuition Pay, administered by Higher One.  Sign up online on their site, and make payments to THEM, not KU. All plans must be in good standing and current for KU to consider the plan as a valid payment method and retain a course schedule or housing assignment.  Starting Summer Session 2, we will be changing our process and will update with more information later. 

Plan dates and process are changing!  Stay tuned for more details. Tuition Pay will be used to complete Spring payment plans and for Summer Session 1 & 10W plans only. 

Academic Semester/Session Plans

  • Higher One administers Tuition Pay payment plans.
  • The FIRST payment is due when the plan is signed up for regardless of the date.  If signing up after the 2nd payment is due - you will need to make the first TWO payments.

Summer 2018 - to keep offering a plan option as we are changing processes - we are offering Session based plans for Summer 2018.  Payment is required at sign up.

  • Session 1 & 10W - this will be through our current provider Tuition Pay - plan cost is $35 and plan due dates will be 4/15, 5/15, 6/15
    • Plan opens March 19th and will close promptly on 5/18/18.
  • Session 2 - this will be set up via a special link in MyKU - plan cost is $35 and plan due dates will start in June for 3 pays.  Stay tuned for more information!

Fall 2018 - TBD

*You may enroll late with "catch-up" payments - however there is a deadline date for each plan when it is no longer beneficial.


  • Each plan costs $35.00 - paid to Tuition Pay.
  • Payment methods to pay Tuition Pay fee AND installments - review these to find payment methods with no fee or minimal fees.
  • No fee to alter the plan - no fee to increase or decrease the plan.
  • No fee to cancel the plan.
  • Reactivation fee - there is a reactivation fee if you cancel the plan and need to reactivate it.
  • Late fee - Tuition Pay assesses a small late fee when payment not paid within 10 days of payment due date.
  • Late fee - KU may assess a late fee to student if payment is not paid on due date or before.

Payments for the Plan

  • ALL plan installment payments must be paid to Tuition Pay directly.
  • Must be paid on time to the Plan in order to remain cleared at KU.
  • Late payments - if the plan is delinquent and even if Tuition Pay doesn't assess a late fee, KU may.
  • Mailing a payment plan payment after the plan is created - this should be payable to Higher One - please allow at least 2 weeks for processing when mailing, it must arrive by the due date not be postmarked by the due date.

Higher One
PO Box 11953
Newark, NJ 07101-4953

Setting up a Plan - How do I do this?

  • Visit online to create a plan and make payments.
  • Call them if you are having difficulty on their site or need assistance in setting up the plan - 1-800-635-0120.

Setting up a Plan - How much should this be?

  • Creating plans before invoices are prepared should take the estimated charges, less anticipated financial aid and scholarships and set the plan up for that amount.
  • Creating plans after invoices are prepared should be set up for the conditional balance due.
  • Additional Charges OR Aid?  No problem! Simply adjust the plan with Tuition Pay - no cost to increase or decrease a plan
    • Increased plans may simply require another agreement be signed but no additional fee
  • Having trouble calculating what the plan should be set up for?  We are happy to help - call (610-683-4133) or email us!

When does the payment show on MyKU?

  • Payments are downloaded to MyKU monthly from Tuition Pay - there may be a delay from when you pay them and see the payment on MyKU.  We will try to download more often during our busier seasons if possible. 
  • Payments made at the very end of the month are usually delayed until the next monthly posting.
  • Comparing these may be needed if trying to be sure plan is still sufficient if aid or charges change.

Payment Plans for International Students

  • Tuition Pay accepts a variety of foreign currencies - please work with them on this directly.
  • Flywire can be used for students paying in full to KU directly - this allows students to pay KU in their foreign currency, not US dollars.  Flywire is proud to accept over 220 countries and territories currencies.

Canceling a Tuition Pay payment plan

  • No cancellation fee to cancel a payment plan at Tuition Pay.
  • Do not just stop making payments.
  • Funds paid to the plan will still transfer to KU - if the MyKU account ends up overpaid - the student will be refunded.

**Repeated default on payment plans will result in the payment plan no longer being an eligible payment option and prohibit access to the plan**