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Online Payment Error Help

Are you having difficulties processing payments in the MyKU system? We remain committed to helping you through this online process.  Please review the items below for assistance.  If you are still experiencing an issue feel free to email, or call us for assistance during normal business hours of operation.  Sorry, we are unable to accept credit cards OR E-Checks over the phone (or in person) - these must be processed online.  We do welcome your paper check or cash in our office if you prefer.

Are you click on Make a Payment and nothing is happening?  Are you clicking on View Invoice and nothing is happening?  You must ALWAYS accept pop-ups from so that these pop-up windows can open.

Common difficulties:

  • Payments can time out if not completed in 3-4 minutes - do not start a transaction if you can't complete it to avoid an error.
  • Safari - do not use Safari browsers - you can use Chrome, Firefox...
  • Pop up Blockers - pop up blockers are on computers to protect them, but they are needed for our payments and MyKU.  Most computers have one you have to ALWAYS accept pop-ups from while Apple products can have 2 spots you need to do that from.
  • Fresh Browser - if you get an error - never use the same browser again.  The error saves in the cache.  You can clear all cookies and cache to try again and try a new browser.
  • Phone - don't make online payments on phones - use a tablet or computer.