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Kutztown University Open at 9:30 a.m. Thursday

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Kutztown University will open at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019, due to winter-weather conditions.  Classes begin at 9:30 a.m.

Additional campus-related weather announcements will be posted here.

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Guide for First Time Students

Below please find information that is helpful to all first-time students, freshman, transfers and graduate students. While some items may not pertain to graduate students (parent plus loans for example), all policies and procedures apply to all students. We understand that during orientation programs there is a lot of information and it can be overwhelming. Please feel free to view the items below, and email us with any questions. We are here to help you be a successful Golden Bear! For student specific guidance, please remember we need students to complete a FERPA Authorization to Access Student Records each academic year.  The video below may be helpful as well (2015/2016).

Keys to Success for ALL New Students to KU

  1. KU email must be checked regularly and is where we will communicate with you about billing and other matters.
  2. Billing is ONLINE only - we do not mail bills.  We do mail Collection Letters as will our agencies.
  3. All students MUST select a refund preference.  Read more below.
  4. Meet the Due Dates assigned - we may drop classes if not paid on time.
  5. Change your mind about coming to KU - TELL US!

Spring 2019 - Welcome to KU

Welcome Freshman Flyer with Checklist - Spring 2019

Welcome Transfer Flyer with Checklist - Spring 2019

  • Welcome Flyer contains tons of information, explanations of terms and process at KU that may be different from your prior institution
  • Transfer Checklist only
  • Additional Funding Options

Welcome Graduate Students with Checklist - Spring 2019

  • Welcome Flyer includes tons of information that a Graduate student needs to know to be successful at KU in addition to the Graduate Orientation program.  While many things are the same from your undergraduate career, some things are different.

Fall 2018 - Welcome to KU

Welcome Freshman Flyer with Checklist - Fall 2018

Welcome Transfer Flyer with Checklist - Fall 2018

  • Welcome Flyer contains tons of information, explanations of terms and process at KU that may be different from your prior institution
  • Transfer Checklist only
  • Additional Funding Options

Welcome Graduate Students with Checklist - Fall 2018

  • Welcome Flyer includes tons of information that a Graduate student needs to know to be successful at KU in addition to the Graduate Orientation program.  While many things are the same from your undergraduate career, some things are different.
  • Graduate Checklist only

MyKU Key Areas for Billing & Financial Aid - Fall 2018

New Student Guidebook (pdf) - Fall 2018

New Student Programs Orientation information


 Family Undergraduate Connections Video from the 15/16 year:

Dear KU Student and Family,

We are super excited you have made the choice to attend Kutztown University! We know you will love this campus as much as we do. Now that the decision has been made to grow with us, I am sure lots of questions come to mind. Some questions are fun - what do I need for my residence hall room, what will the food be like, will I like my roommate and my teachers, what events will be on campus, how tough are the classes and more. Some not so much - how will I be billed, how will I pay for this and lots of other "money" questions.

We want to address common questions that come to us from new students (freshman and transfer students) and their families. Please take a minute to read this and keep it as a resource for the year. It will help you be prepared, secure your class schedule, take advantage of payment plans if needed and have aid disbursed in a timely manner. We will discuss our process for billing, payment options, refunding methods, military benefits, brief financial aid and office contacts. As always, you can call or email us with any questions you may have. -Wendy Pursell, Director of Student Accounts

High School Transcript Requirement for Federal Aid

Federal regulations won't allow for aid to show as authorized/pending aid if you have not submitted your Final High School Transcript to KU. Please ensure this has been requested with a sense of urgency to be sent to KU Admissions Office. Additionally, now is a great time to also ensure the MPN and Entrance Counseling (as listed below in the Financial Aid section) are completed. Once all three items are done/received, we can submit your aid for certification and show it as authorized/pending on your MyKU account. Remember your awarded aid must show as authorized or pending to be considered valid.  Even as a Transfer student, if you have not completed your Associate's degree, we need your Final HS transcript showing your graduation date.



This is the online portal students will use for registration, grades and payment. It is located online at myku.kutztown.edu

Billing Process

Kutztown University bills are online ONLY in MyKU! We will not mail paper bills home to students. Students need to complete THREE items to secure their schedule. Here is a sample invoice. Students will receive notification to their KU email account (our formal method of notification) indicating that their bill is ready to view, print if necessary and pay (item is a pdf document).

  1. Payment - Payment Options - We have some online options and over the counter options (by mail or in person). Please note, we can only accept credits cards in the students MyKU account and there is a non-refundable processing fee. If payments are not posted by the due date, class schedules may be removed for non‐payment.
  2. Intent to Attend - ALL KU students will need to, in addition to payment, make their Intent to Attend each Fall and Spring semester they attend KU. This action indicates to us that the student is definitely planning on coming. It allows financial aid to be received on the student's behalf and be disbursed. This action item will be available in MyKU on the Student Center page AFTER we notify students that the Fall or Spring invoices are ready to view and pay.
  3. Terms & Conditions - ALL KU students will need to, in addition to payment and the Intent to Attend, accept the Terms & Conditions associated with their enrollment. This is required each semester or session the student attends. This action item will be available in MyKU when they log in AFTER we notify students that the invoice is ready to view and pay.
  • Fall Email notifications will occur by around July 18th. Due date about 8/3/18.
  • Spring Email notifications will occur about Nov. 21st. Due date about 1/2/19.

Payment Options

We accept a wide variety of payments at KU. We also offer a payment plan and work closely with the Office of Financial Aid on campus. More information about making payments.

Payment Plans

We are pleased to offer payment plans however we are currently remodeling our program.  We anticipate new plans and process to be available in May or June 2018. More information about payment plans.

Withdrawals / Leave of Absences

While not something to bring up now, we know things can occur that may cause a student to have to withdraw from school or take a leave of absence. We encourage all students to view the Refund Policy and those policies associated with housing, meals and financial aid. Any changes to a student's schedule can change their status and eligibility. For example, Title IV regulations mandate that a percent (%) of aid be returned if a student drops below their current status or withdrawals - this could impact previously released refunds from overpayment, and these may need to be returned.


A student may receive a refund if payments exceed charges. This occurs for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to: financial aid received is more than the bill, class withdrawal during the drop/add period changing student from full time to part time (your financial aid may change), withdrawal from school after paying the bill (your financial aid may change and could be returned). Refunds are issued at KU through a BankMobile refund program. Refunds are issued no sooner than after the conclusion of the Drop/Add period and full eligibility is run for aid purposes. Refunds are expected to start around the 3rd week of school, but only when the account is physically overpaid.

Financial Aid

Financial aid assists you in the payment of your tuition invoice. This includes, but is not limited to Stafford Loans, Parent Plus Loans, alternative loans, grants (state, Pell and other), scholarships and waivers. Loans are funds that must be repaid, most often with interest that varies by lender. Grants, scholarships and waivers are generally funds that do not have to be repaid. Other aid includes military benefits, third-party payments and more.

  • Students should view their MyKU page - a checklist of To Do's will be available noting the items outstanding and necessary to receive aid. Respond with a sense of urgency to all aid required matters. Verification is a common request. Non‐compliance with this request will result in aid not showing and not disbursing. Do not wait on these items.
  • Entrance Counseling and MPN - Loans require Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Notes (MPN's). Without these items completed, the aid will not authorize, show on the invoice or disburse. Do NOT delay.
  • Stafford and Parent Plus LOANS are federal loans - https://studentloans.gov - each has its own EC and MPN. Parents MUST complete their MPN for the loan to pay to us.
  • When a student leaves school full time or graduates, separately ALL loans will need exit interviews completed and repayment schedules made (Stafford and Perkins).
  • Alternative Loans can provide additional assistance if needed - www.elmselect.com.

Financial Aid & the bill

If financial aid is not showing on your bill, Student Accounts cannot anticipate the funds (reduce your amount due). You will want to check MyKU for outstanding items (To Do's) or contact Financial Aid (610‐683‐4077 or financialaid@kutztown.edu) to follow up and see if and how they can help. Do not delay. Financial aid eligibility must be met as well. If aid cannot be considered, you will need to entertain other payment options, such as the payment plan until the matters are resolved. Only the Financial Aid Office can confirm aid eligibility to the Office of Student Accounts. If they are unable to do so, they may suggest the payment plan to secure a schedule while outstanding aid matters are resolved. Any payments made to the payment plan that may eventually exceed your charges would, of course, be refunded to the student upon receipt.

Military Funding

The military supports their soldiers and families in many different ways with a variety of benefits. More information on military funding and aid. Ensure that the student has completed a VA Enrollment Certification Form every semester they attend and submit the required documents - these items should be delivered promptly to the Registrar's Office.


Please know that once a student enrolls at KU, they are protected by FERPA. This means simply, that without the student's permission, we cannot release information regarding the student's account to anyone, even a parent. This includes a balance due, aid disbursement items, passwords, course registrations, grades and more. We encourage all students to work with their family and complete the FERPA Authorization to Access Student Records Form if needed, which is specific to our office operations. Please know, we understand the assistance many parents offer their children, but we must remain compliant with these federal regulations. A form is needed each academic year. Shortly, we will request this form be completed and turned into the Registrar's Office for system updating. This process is not yet completed, so in the interim, please complete this form and turn into the Student Accounts Office. If you need help now, we will forward the form to the Registrars' Office for you.

Third Party Billing

We cannot bill third parties, such as college funds. You will need to print the invoice from MyKU and supply it to the third party. The logo and necessary information will print on this invoice (a PDF document) and is compliant with 529, TAP and other college fund sources. Please share a copy of any requests you submit for payment to your TAP or 529 plans, that will allow us to process a deferment for the student and, if the amount is sufficient, secure their schedule since we know you can't control when they will print and mail the check. This can be faxed (610-683-4674) to our office or scanned and emailed BEFORE the due date.

Who do I contact?

Have a question but not sure who to contact or what office handles what service? Find important contact information for a number of our offices that are key to the new student process.