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Military Funding and Aid

Military Funding

The military supports its soldiers and families in many different ways with a variety of benefits. If you will be using one of these benefits, you will need to reach out to us after you receive your invoice email notification, and advise us of the benefit type, as well as the potential amount EACH Semester. We may be able to defer the portion covered, if the funds are being released directly to the University on your behalf.  Benefits sent directly to the soldier, or family of the soldier will not be deferred for arrival and payment should be made to KU by the appropriate due date.  All students using any military education benefit funding must complete a VA Enrollment Certification Form submitted to the Registrar's Office and disclose to the Office of Student Accounts the benefits you intend to use to see what will be covered and what is due out of pocket.

Checklist that may be helpful to ensure you have completed all that is necessary

Chapter 33 benefit amounts are dependent on active duty time, and can range from 40 to 100 percent - a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility is required to defer any costs for arrival from the VA for tuition and fee costs only. Housing and Meals must be paid to KU by the appropriate due date, those payments while included in the benefit, are sent home to the soldier and cannot be used for deferment.

TA - Army / National Guard requires classes to be entered into the Go Army Ed portal, invoice to be uploaded as well as a Degree Plan (see the Registrar's Office KU Certifying Official for assistance) and the student print the approved "Army Tuition Assistance Authorization", sign it and supply it to us by the due date. This benefit offers limits, and while a student has been awarded or approved for funding, the Authorization form is the only item that shows it will be released and able to be invoiced by KU.

TA - Navy requires classes to be entered into the Navy WAWF system. The student prints the approved "Tuition Assistance Authorization" document, signs it and submits to the Office of Student Accounts BY the due date on the student tuition invoice in MyKU. This contains a number needed to invoice the Navy.

EAP is another benefit a National Guard member may receive. The Office of Student Accounts will receive a roster of approved students about one month prior to the start of a term. Please contact the Director of Student Accounts and supply proof of this benefits approval by the due date in order to defer the costs it may cover. These will never exceed the tuition line item cost and could be less. Apply with your education unit by June 30 for the next Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

ROTC scholarships are awarded by the Army. The Office of Student Accounts is notified of these and they are added to the student's Financial Aid package and reported as a scholarship. Recently the students have obligations to Go Army Ed to approve and enter their enrollments for us to certify.

Chapter 31 - Vocational Rehabilitation - Veteran's with Service-connected disabilities - The Office of Student Accounts is notified of the students eligible ( by the VA office) and those students are deferred for the tuition and fees.

Chapter 35, 1606, 1607 - These are other items students can receive that do not come pay directly to KU and therefore are not considered against your charges or due date.

*All students receiving military benefits must know it is their responsibility to make the choice of which benefit they want to use if they are entitled to many. In MOST cases, aid cannot exceed the full-time costs of tuition and fees at the in-state rate.  Review your benefits directly with the military if you have questions or concerns.

  • Soldiers, or dependents, using Veteran's benefits MUST see and complete a VA Enrollment Certification Form with the KU Certifying Official in the Registrar's Office. This MUST be done every semester. Supply the completed form to the Registrar's Office - Attn: KU Certifying Official.

Combining Benefits / Limits

Some of the military education benefits can be combined with a total limit, some can be combined with no limit, and others cannot be combined at all. We know this can be confusing, we try to make this easy, but if you have questions email us!

  • TA & Chapter 33 - combined these two benefits cannot exceed the full time instate costs (or the total costs at the in-state rate).
  • TA is limited to the tuition line item only and as of 17-18 year, cannot exceed 250 per credit hour (4,500 per year).
  • TA & 1606 cannot be used for the same course - you can use both in one semester, but must choose which course is using which benefit.
  • EAP is not limited to the item it can pay but is capped at the tuition line item amount or less (whichever is approved).

Changing your schedule?

If you change your schedule after submitting your TA Authorization Form or after your account has been certified in the Registrar's Office, you MUST update your enrollment with your TA supplier, AND update the Registrar's Office. Classes may have different costs, AND when grades are entered they are per course. This is critical and very important. Neither office will be checking this for you until its time to invoice, at that time it may be too late to correct your enrollment and you could lose out on your benefit for that class. You must self-disclose.

Military Aid

The military offers several programs that enable enlistees to earn and save money for college - The Montgomery G.I Bill, Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP), Education Assistance Program (EAP), signing bonuses and "kicker" programs. Because of career training, educational opportunities and benefits are different for each branch of the military, we suggest that you talk to a local recruiter about specifics for the branch of the military in which you are interested.

AmeriCorps is a national service program where participants earn education awards in return for community service. Workers receive stipends for living expenses and an education award for up to two years of full-time service. Students can work for AmeriCorps before, during, or after they go to college.

Military Scholarships and other Resources