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Faculty & Staff Information

This page will be dedicated to the needs of Faculty and Staff within the Student Accounts arena. Areas of interest will be added as developed to assist with Field Trips, Faculty Led Abroad Experiences and Departmental Deposits. This will be a work in progress for the next year or so. If you have a suggestion for this page, or a need from our office - please feel free to let us know!

KU Policy states that no department or employee may collect cash or checks without the approval of the controller. This includes field trips, lab fees, manuals, supplies and more. Since all funds must come to the Office of Student Accounts (OSA), please see below for various ways the campus community can make payments as needed.

NEW! Online ordering process for Bear Bucks purchasing with a credit card!

Bear Bucks for Faculty & Staff

Bear Bucks can be added to employee ID cards as needed throughout the year in two ways; via check in the KU Card office OR online with a credit card by clicking here. Please allow at least 1 business day for the availability of the Bear Bucks when purchasing online.

Field Trips

We are now able to create an online page, specific URL, for a course trip or excursion that requires payment. This online webpage will enable the student to enter any required information and to make payment online with a credit card.  Some of the functionality the system provides, includes setting maximum enrollment or purchasing limits (ie number of seats available). We will be learning as we go, so the more lead time you can supply the more we can try to do in order to assist you. A request form will be developed over time for requirements. In the meantime, feel free to email with any inquiries or needs you anticipate. We will do our best to accomodate you and help!

We are also able to supply you with an approved generic form that will provide the payer a receipt, a portion for payer to supply the professor or collecting body, and a portion for the OSA. If you have an urgent need where students or the campus community need to make payments to you. This form would be supplied to them for payment made to our office by cash or check only. Contact us for assistance today!

Faculty Led Abroad Experiences

This process is somewhat complicated from beginning to end (submitting for COT approval to P-card transactions during the experience). OSA involvement in the process is to work with you to develop a deposit form for the non-refundable $200 deposit, creating due dates that will be required in order to get final approval to purchase flights in a fair amount of time, creating an item type if one doesn't already exist, accepting payments from students, discussing aid opportunities if needed (involving Financial Aid Services as needed), and confirming paid enrollment for final approval to purchase flights. We are happy to support our faculty and students in these "once in a lifetime" opportunities!  Please contact us if you are considering an abroad proposal, have just been approved, or just want to discuss the process. 

Departmental Deposits

Occassionally your department may be approved to collect funds (i.e. Rec Center, Student Union building front desk, athletic ticketed events). Collection of funds may in cash or check depending on approval. When you are prepared to deposit these items into a cost center, please follow the below guidelines and tips in order to avoid misapplied funds, returned checks or lost items.

  1. Never campus mail checks or cash.
  2. Do not write any other numbers on the bottom of the check.  If you want to add a student ID# or Cost Center please do so at the top.
  3. All items to be deposited should have with them a separate item indicating the total amount depositing, Cost Center and General Ledger Account (GLA). 
    • A generic deposit ticket is being created for campus use in the near future.
  4. Checks should be brought to our office no less than weekly to avoid increased odds of them being returned.  Daily is encouraged.
  5. Checks must be written to: Kutztown University and must be completed in their entirety (signature a must).