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Winter Session Payment Needs

Winter Session enrollment at KU is handled differently than Fall and Spring terms. It is online only. Payment is due when you register. Payment is defined as payment in full to KU directly, payment plan set up in good standing on the Payment Plan Dashboard, Winter Aid Application submitted (and payment made when determination made), 529 proof submitted of request being made to plan or waiver posted (with payment of non-covered items posted). Enrollments will be removed weekly for non-payment. Please take a sense of urgency when planning attendance in the winter session. Lastly we ask that you kindly remove enrollments if you decide to not attend to open the seat for another student who may need it.

**ALERT** - Due dates are based on the date the regisration occurred in MyKU.

After registering for Winter 2019:

  1. Review your due date (below).
  2. Pay your bill in full online in MyKU (in the Office of Student Accounts or by mail (must arrive and post by due date)).
  3. Payment Plan - Sign up for the payment plan (MyKU > Student Center > Finances Area > select Pay Plan Signup/Pay from the drop down menu - the maroon Payment Plan Dashboard will open)
    • We highly encourage you look at the payment plan webpage before signing up to be sure you know what the screens should look like
    • Winter Plan opens October 30
    • Cost $35.00 - will be added to the first payment required at Sign Up.
    • Do NOT make payment plan payments to Kutztown University directly by clicking Make A Payment
    • Due dates are at signup, 12/21 and 1/17/19 - all payments are paid ON the Payment Plan Dashboard, NOT to KU
  4. Financial Aid - Complete a Winter Aid Application if interested - turn it into the Financial Aid Office with a sense of urgency!
    • Visit Financial Aid to discuss options as Winter session is different since it is not an aid bearing term or session.
    • Students who haven't used all of their FALL aid, may have some leftover that they can use for Winter session, but must complete this before Fall is over.
    • If using Fall aid, the student (or parent) may be refunded in Fall and they would need to use the refund to pay for Winter independently, with urgency.
    • If taking an alternative loan, apply at and then log into MyKU and Grant Permission for FUTURETERM aid under View Student Permissions. This will allow a Fall alternative loan to post to the future term (session) of Winter. You must let Financial Aid know that you are taking the loan for winter session.

When are Winter charges due?

This chart shows when your payment is due.  Classes will be dropped shortly after the due date, do not delay.  To ensure your classes are safe, be sure your payment posts on MyKU before or ON the due date, that your payment plan is set up in good standing with the Payment Plan Dashboard by the due date, or that any pending aid is actually showing as pending aid in MyKU (if aid is not showing as pending we are not considering it as payment - speak to Financial Aid).  If classes are dropped, you will be required to prepay in order to register again for classes based on availability at that time.

Winter 2019

Registration Dates Due Date
10/30 - 11/10/2018 11/15/2018
11/11 - 11/25/2018 11/29/2018
11/26 - 12/8/2018 12/9/2018
12/9 - 12/15/2018 12/17/2018
12/16 - on next day

Due dates are dependent on the date the registration occurs.  Actual due dates can be seen in MyKU > Student Center > Finances area and using the Drop Down menu to select Charges Due.

You can contact the Office of Student Accounts multiple ways (checks made payable to Kutztown University):

Kutztown University
Office of Student Accounts
PO Box 730
Kutztown, PA 19530

How will I know my winter aid package?

Winter session is not an aid session or term. There is no aid package for winter. If a student used all of their Fall 2018 aid during the Fall semester, determination can be made quickly. If you were not aid eligible in the Fall 2018 semester, you will not have aid eligibility for the Winter Session even if your grades for Fall make you eligible for the Spring 2019 semester. If you have concerns on your eligibility, you can discuss them with the Financial Aid office. Call 610-683-4077 to contact Financial Aid. 

If you are NOT eligible for Financial Aid, you will need to pay us directly in full, sign up for the payment plan or investigate Alternative Loans. Recent regulation changes have lengthened the processing time for alternative loans, we highly encourage you to apply immediately (this process can take up to 2-4 weeks).

When will my winter aid be disbursed to my account and/or refunded?

There is no Winter aid. Students may be able to use unused Fall 2018 aid. Contact Financial Aid for information and eligibility concerns: 610-683-4077 or Alternative loans can be applied for - they would post to Fall. If you want them to be refunded to you so that you can pay us, that is possible. If you prefer the loan automatically just pay winter - then you need to Grant Permission for FUTURETERM. MyKU > Student Center > Finances Area > drop down choose View Student Permissions and grant permission for FUTURETERM.