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Anne Searles Reel

Associate Director Parking, Transportation & Security; former Director of Special Programs and Service, former Director of Student Involvement

Difference Maker

Nominator: Dawn Qualli Donmoyer '02

Dawn's Memories: As a young and naive freshman at KU, I was lucky enough to get involved early, albeit, it was because I was dragged to an Association of Campus Events (ACE) meeting by friends. This is where I met the adviser of ACE and Student Government Board (SGB), Anne Searles. 

Anne immediately took me under her wing and encouraged a leadership ability that she saw in me, but I had yet to recognize.

Throughout my tenure at KU, I took on countless leadership roles, including my last role as president of SGB for two years. With each position, Anne served as my adviser and mentor. I was lucky enough to meet with Anne often, and we discussed issues in leadership, academics and life. It was through these meetings that I was able to safely develop my own leadership style in an environment of trust and respect. 

I am now in my 13th year of teaching and have taken on countless leadership roles in education throughout those years. I know so much of what I am able to do is a result of my experiences in student leadership at KU, and more importantly, as a result of the valuable mentoring I had from Anne. I have yet to find someone in my career who has the same foresight, expertise and quiet confidence that Anne had. 

Thank you, Anne. You continue to be a part of my life through the difference you made in me at KU.

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