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Dr. Charles Coyle

Professor Emeritus of MarketingDifference Maker

Nominator: Steve Noecker '90

Steve's Memories: I had many great professors in the College of Business, but the one that stands out the most is Dr. Coyle.  

I had him for my Personal Selling class, which ultimately impacted my life. As it turns out, the product I sold him for an in-class project is the product I'm selling today, more than 25 years later. The product I sold him in class is now an emergency phone manufactured by the GAI-Tronics Corporation in Reading, PA.  

After my graduation in 1990, I sold Ricoh copiers for two years before joining the GAI-Tronics Corporation, where I currently work today. Additionally, Kutztown University is and has been a customer of mine for many years.  When you walk around campus and see the bright blue lights on emergency stanchions, it is the company I work for that provided that equipment.