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Prof. Charles Youngerman

Associate Professor of History and Social Studies Education

Nominator: Lisa Draper, Ph.D., '91

Difference Maker Linda's Memories: The late Charles Youngerman was key in helping me succeed beyond own expectations.

During my education years, Charles Youngerman challenged me to be the best teacher I could be. My first student teaching experience was a nightmare. The cooperating teacher and I did not get along. I wanted to quit student teaching. Charles Youngerman challenged me to see beyond the cooperating teacher and focus on the children, which I did. By the end of the experience, I really enjoyed my time with the children. After I began teaching, Charles Youngerman continued to push me toward a master's degree in education, and eventually a doctorate in education.

Who would have thought a kid from inner city Allentown could earn a Ph.D. from Penn State University? With the support of Charles Youngerman, I did it! I have been teaching for 24 years; every August, I would call Charles Youngerman and we would discuss education from the past year and my hopes for the future, while he enjoyed his retirement in Florida. 

I am glad my family and I got to see him on a trip to Florida before he passed away. It broke my heart to learn of his passing, and I do miss those annual phone calls. I wish he could have been alive to hear about the Distinguished Educator Award I received from the National Council of Geographic Education. That award belonged to him, too.  I would not be the teacher I am today without the guidance and support of Charles Youngerman. I currently teach at Liberty High School in Bethlehem, and I think of him each August when I plan my year ahead.

Professor Youngerman passed away in 2011.

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