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Dr. Christine Lottes

Professor of Sport Management & Leadership Studies

Nominator: Kristin Cupido '11

Difference Maker

Kristin's Memories: I had Dr. Lottes for multiple classes; the way she teaches and engages students is something all educators should take note of. Besides offering to help students in whichever class she is teaching, she honestly wants to know how you are doing. I enjoyed spending time talking with her about cross country and track and field (I was a student athlete in my time at Kutztown) and about visualization. She helped me become a stronger and better runner, mentally, which is key in distance running.

After I graduated, I still kept in contact with her, and when I was in the area I always made time to stop by and update her on my progress in coaching. She truly wants the best for her students during and after college. I have used the coaching portfolio that I made in her class for my previous coaching jobs and continue to touch back on things that she taught me.

Dr. Lottes is the kind of teacher I wish I had for all of my classes. She showers you with kindness, knowledge and a wonderful personality. If anyone deserves to be honored, it is Dr. Lottes.  

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