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Dr. Connie Dent

Professor of Psychology/Counseling and Human Services (retired)

Difference Maker

Nominator: Lucia Torchia-Thompson '77 M'88

Lucia's Memories:

Dr. Connie Dent was inspirational in her dedication to psychology.

She was my advisor as a graduate student, and I had her for several classes both as an undergrad and graduate student. I found her to be knowledgeable, challenging and dedicated.

Her message to me, though she may not have realized it, was to persevere. Never give up! Hence, I am now Lucia Torchia-Thompson, Ph. D.

Nominator: Roger D. Phillips '76

Roger's Memories:

I transferred to Kutztown in fall 1972, and so, because of administrative procedures back then, was the last to register for classes and had very little choice of what to take and with whom. 

I signed up for Introduction to Psychology with Dr. Dent. When I told my experienced KSC friends the courses and faculty I had, they all shook their heads in dismay that I ended up with Dr. Dent; everyone warned me how hard Dr. Dent was, but they thought perhaps I might still enjoy the course. Well, my peers were absolutely right on both counts. Dr. Dent was intellectually challenging and stimulating right out of the gate, even at the meager intro level, and very, very hard-and I loved every minute of it.

It took me awhile to get used to being referred to as "Mr. Phillips" when she called on us during class discussions, but I very much appreciated the personal and intellectual respect she extended to each of us.

I ended up taking every course I could with Dr. Dent. We found we had other interests in common, with both of us involved in the campus feminist group at the time, and our paths often crossed on the tennis court. Eventually, she became my academic advisor, and stayed a part of my academic life beyond Kutztown when she sat on my master's thesis committee and wrote a recommendation for my Ph.D. entrance.

I simply would not be the psychology professional that I am today without Dr. Dent's influence on my education and training.

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