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Dr. Dale Titus

Professor Emeritus of Secondary Education
Difference Maker

Nominator: Paula J. Ulrich '85 M'94

Paula's Memories: The mere mention of numbers, figuring or the accuracy demanded in the act of balancing my checkbook each month has never failed to evoke fear in me.

My English teacher colleagues and I joke about how math is a subject seemingly beyond the ken of us so-called "right-brained" individuals.  So, the idea of taking a statistics course as a requirement of completing my master's degree in education filled me with much dread.

I was able to barely keep up, thanks to the ease and aplomb with which Dr. Dale Titus delivered his subject matter. After presenting one course concept totally evasive to my English-teacher mind, I asked Dr. Titus if he could stay after class for a bit in order to further explain this idea to me, and, thankfully, he agreed.  At the end of class, around 9:30 p.m., he and I stood at the board and he patiently and expectantly drilled the concept. I can still remember, as clearly as if it had happened yesterday, I glanced at the clock and noticed the hands positioned at 10:45 p.m. After gasping, I politely said,

"Oh, Dr. Titus, you have been so patient and kind to stay here with me so long. Even if we continued to stand here at this board until tomorrow morning, I'm afraid it will be to no avail.  I sincerely thank you for your time and support."

He merely smiled, and we left. I know I wrote him a personal note of thanks, which he humbly accepted.

Fondly and most gratefully, I have thought of Dr. Titus on those occasions over my 27+ years of teaching when a student has asked to stay after school for help. Even when I may be tempted to refuse, I see Dr. Titus's image standing tall and confident, patiently trying to help me understand, and more often than not, I say "yes."