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Dr. Dan Benson

Associate Professor of Management (Retired)

Difference Maker

Nominator: Luba Abrams '87

Luba's Memories: Dan Benson was not my official advisor when I was a student at KU. He did, however, make sure that I got the most from my education while at KU. He always engaged the class, bringing to life real marketing and management challenges by sharing stories from his family's hardware store back in Wisconsin.

He was especially influential in my career: he encouraged me to pursue an internship at a time when internships weren't readily available, then networked for me and found a local company to take me on for the summer. His help enabled me to leave school with meaningful work experience on my resume, which gave me a leg up on the competition when it came time to get a "real" job.

When I applied to schools for my Master's of Business Administration several years after graduation, Dr. Benson wrote a recommendation for me that was good enough to get me into an Ivy League university. I proudly sported my KU sweatshirt while there!

I have continued to keep in touch with Dr. Benson throughout the years, and have even consulted with him as I considered new ventures in my career. I know he has recently retired and I am sure that the KU community is missing his soft-spoken presence.


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