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Dr. Dawn Slack

Associate Professor, Modern Language Studies

Difference Maker

Nominator: Kathleen Caldwell '01

Kathleen's Memories: Although I had many outstanding professors while at Kutztown, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for Dr. Dawn Slack, who is a faculty member in the Modern Language Studies Department. 

I was a secondary education/social studies major at KU and decided to take Spanish for one of my electives. I had taken Spanish during high school and always regretted not completing the additional courses through Spanish IV. So I took a refresher Spanish I class over the summer and enrolled in Spanish II during the fall of my sophomore year. 

Dr. Slack's Spanish II class was both fun and challenging, though I can't remember anything I actually learned while in the class. What I DO remember is going to visit her during office hours to work on pronunciation and conversation skills and being very appreciative of the time she took to work with me so I could develop my language skills. She then took even more time with me the following semester, when I was no longer her official student, to help me through the craziness of Spanish III (12 verb tenses!), and Spanish IV, which I took during my professional seminar as an education major.

I found that I would specifically walk through the deFrancesco building to stop by her office and say hello, and as long as she was available, she would always make time for a visit with me. I knew she cared deeply about me as a person and not simply as a student. During one of our many chats in the spring of my junior year, we began discussing the connections between the American Revolution and the French Revolution and their subsequent impact on the independence movements in Latin America. One thing led to another, and before either of us really knew it, I was researching and writing a submission for the Undergraduate Research Symposium, and she was advising the project during my senior year of college.

Even now, many years after graduation, she and I still correspond and will occasionally meet for lunch. She has held, and always will hold, a special place in my heart and memories of Kutztown University.


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