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Dr. Donald Kreps

Professor Emeritus of Management
Difference Maker

Nominator: Michael Ruzicka '06

Michael's Memories:

Dr. Kreps made a significant difference in my college education and in my career.   

His vast business experience was a tremendous tool for teaching us the reality of the subject, and also about life. We never read out of a book, but instead had discussions and sometimes heated debates, which always made things more interesting. 

There was one great thing he did for his freshmen University Studies class: he asked us, his seniors, to volunteer to attend the freshman class and just talk to the freshmen about anything they wanted to know. It ranged from which professors and classes to take, to where the best parties were. I took advantage and did this and it was a great experience to help out and make a difference in another student's college path.

I had Dr. Kreps for three classes: Business Strategy and Policy, Attractions Management, and Labor Relations Management. I took the one class over the summer in 2006, and since I had my full-time job already, he allowed me to be flexible and worked about my schedule so I could walk for graduation with my class. I am happy to say that almost nine years later, I'm still employed at that company.

I am thankful for having Dr. Kreps as a professor on multiple occasions; he is the best professor I had at Kutztown University.

Dr. Kreps retired in 2012 and passed away in the Spring of 2017.