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Dorothy Siravo

Secretary of Geography Department

Nominator: Alysha Kane '14

Difference Maker

Alysha's Memories: If possible I would nominate all my geography professors, because each one of them has made a difference in my life and career. I will always look back on the time I spent at Kutztown with fondness and wonderful memories. My nomination for a person who made a difference is Dorothy Siravo, the geography department secretary, although she is so much more than that.

Dorothy started in the geography department around the same time I did. Dorothy's face was one I saw frequently as I made the switch to being a geography major. A few months after I made the switch, a group of us, along with Dr. Schnell and Dr. Davis' help, organized the revival of the Geographical Society. Every time we had a question or a problem about the club, we went to Dorothy. She always knew the answer, or would get us the answer very quickly.

As I said, Dorothy is much more than the geography secretary; she is our den mother (get it? Because we are the Golden Bears).  Dorothy is an amazing baker; she occasionally would leave treats out for us in the lobby. She always welcomes students with a bright smile and helps them relax when they are completely stressing out about a project, finals or graduation. She always knows how to help us shrink the situation back down to its relative size after we have blown it up into a terrifying monster. She helped me, along with my fellow classmates, to keep a level head many times. This is critical when finals are around the corner, all your projects are due, and graduation somehow snuck up on you in those short four years. Every emotion is running through your brain because you are sad to leave this wonderful place, but excited (and scared) to see what your future brings.

I feel very lucky to have a person like Dorothy in my life; she is most definitely an asset to the geography department, and I will forever be grateful to her for helping me keep my sanity in college.


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