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Dr. Edward Evans

Professor Emeritus of Math and Computer Sciences

Dr. Edward Evans

Nominator: Norman A. Inkpen Jr. '70

Norman's Memories: At the end of my third semester at Kutztown, I had a GPA well below 2.0 and had never received a grade above a B (and there were very few of those). I was a liberal arts math major and had gotten a grade of C in all my math classes taken up to that point.

I enrolled in Abstract Algebra with Dr. Evans, and he turned my world as a student at Kutztown totally around. He took a personal interest in my learning, and showed me how to approach math and learning in general. I began to love algebra and theoretical mathematics, and opened up a world that helped me develop a real love for math. I ended up taking many more math courses than were required, and as many as I could with Dr. Evans, and received mostly A grades in those courses for the rest of my tenure at Kutztown. I pulled my GPA up to 2.94 by the time I graduated, and set off on a life that gave me a strong desire to learn.

I went on to graduate from Lehigh University with an MBA, and was able to have a very successful business career as both a business owner and senior VP for a Fortune 500 company.

I believe Dr. Evans was the single most influential person that led to my success. He went above and beyond teaching the class. He made it exciting, rewarding and gave us the tools to succeed and excel. He was always willing to take the time so that you could develop a solid foundation to build on for the rest that course and future courses.

Dr. Evans passed away in 2005