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Dr. Elizabeth K. Liddicoat

Professor Emeritus of Elementary Education Difference Maker

Nominator: Shirley A. Frey '74 M'88

Shirley's Memories: Time passes quickly, and we don't always say what should be said. While reading the Tower, I knew I would be remiss if I did not respond to the nominations for KU faculty who "made a difference."  

When I entered my language arts class at KU in the fall of 1973, I had no idea about the impact the professor would make on my 40-year career in education. I considered Dr. Liddicoat a mentor, and I never told her that. She was extremely articulate, knowledgeable and skillful in her field. I admired how she was able to relate to her students and set clear, but high, expectations for us. She was always personable, and enthusiastically welcomed us by name as we entered her classroom. This is what I remember the most, and it is something I emulate in my own classroom.  

Thirteen years after graduating, I was fortunate to take another course, Reading Comprehension, with Dr. Liddicoat while working on my master's degree and reading specialist certification. Again, she greeted me by name and welcomed me to her class as though the years had never passed. I was a bit worried about going back to graduate school with a family and a job, but she was very supportive. I knew the assignments she gave would be relevant and meaningful and that I would learn skills from this brilliant professor that I could apply to my own classroom.  

To this day, as I am working with students, I find myself asking, "What would Dr. Liddicoat advise me to do to support these students?" I always start the class by greeting my students personally and letting them know that I'm there to support them, just as she did for me.  

Dr. Liddicoat made a difference in my life and my career, and for this I will always be grateful.