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Dr. John Delaney

Professor of History

Nominator: Jennifer Goss '02

Difference Maker

Jennifer's Memories: I first encountered Dr. Delaney as a student in his course on the Holocaust. I had an interest in the topic since high school, and I quickly came to appreciate his vast knowledge of the Holocaust and Nazi Germany, and his true commitment to the study of history. 

Dr. Delaney's riveting lectures were a vital component of the course, but more importantly, he challenged me to become a better student and historian. I received my first C on a critical book review in his class as a sophomore and I was crushed. When I visited him during office hours, he took the time to explain to me why I had received the grade-my writing had not evolved from summary to analysis, and he challenged me to do better on the next assignment, and guided me toward the tools to help me do so. After a lot of hard work, I met success, and developed a desire to study and teach about the Holocaust.

Upon graduation, we stayed in touch, and he helped provide guidance to me, a young educator pursuing a graduate degree in Holocaust and genocide studies. In the years since, we have formed a bond as historians and colleagues, and I credit him for helping me achieve many things, including a teaching fellowship with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), a role on USHMM's Regional Education Corps as a leader in Holocaust education, and two Emmy nominations for a Holocaust documentary that I helped to produce. 

His support has been paramount, and today, I also cherish him as a friend.



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