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Dr. John R. Sawyer

Professor of Art Education

Difference MakerNominator: Dr. Robert L. Barthlow '58

Nominee: John R. Sawyer, Professor of Art Education

Robert's Memories:
I was a young south Reading boy when I enrolled in Kutztown State Teacher's College. I did not have any meaningful exposure to art, and I certainly did not want to take Introduction to Art, but it was a required course in the curriculum.

Dr. John R. Sawyer taught the section I was in, and he was excellent with non-majors. He saw that I was not interested in art and asked what I was interested in. I told him cars, and he suggested I find as many car advertisements as I could from magazines and put them in a scrapbook. He took the time to explain that grills, lights, bumpers, fenders, roof lines and use of chrome were really design, a form of art.

Sixty years later, I still look, not only at cars, but everything, including houses, furniture, computers, etc. as a form of art.

Dr. Sawyer passed away in 1994. I will never forget how he opened a new world of thought, knowledge and appreciation that broadened my perspective for the rest of my life.   


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