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Dr. John Schellenberg

Professor Emeritus, Department of Physical Sciences

Difference Maker

Nominator: Jodi Zeamer DaCosta '86

Jodi's Memories: I applied to work as an ENTRA (KU's orientation program at the time) staff member with Dr. Schellenberg. He saw potential in me and helped me to develop myself.

I learned about hard work, creativity, passion and fun through Dr. Schellenberg. I learned about bringing people together and helping them feel comfortable, skills I use all of the time in my career as a school counselor. 

He expected a lot from his student staff, and he gave us a lot as well. We worked long hours, but he also loaned us a KU van for a weekend road trip to Wildwood, N.J.  He understood the power of playing together to build good working relationships.  He helped to shape how I treat others when I am in leadership positions: set high expectations and care deeply. 

He was a fabulous motivator. 


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