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Dr. Joleen L. Greenwood

Chairperson, Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Difference Maker

Nominator: Kristie Thudium '14

Kristie's Memories: I began as a student in Dr. Joleen Greenwood's classroom during my freshman year, and eventually found that she had become more than just a professor to me.

On a strictly academic level, she engaged with students, encouraging and motivating them. On a daily basis, she showed us her vulnerability and humanistic nature, traits that are hard to come by. She was relatable and real and always made herself available to talk about anything.

On a more personal level, Dr. Greenwood became my mentor and exposed me to opportunities I never would have discovered otherwise. She saw something in me others didn't, and there is no doubt in my mind that I would not be where I am today were it not for her tireless efforts to continuously provide me with opportunities, support, love and compassion, even after graduation.



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