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Jory Wamsley

Assistant Director of Admissions

Difference Maker Nominator: Ryan Smolko M'12

Ryan's Memories: Being a first generation college graduate, the idea of achieving a master's degree seemed like a monumental feat that was reserved for a privileged few.

Leaving for a bike ride one day in Trexlertown, I just happened to find myself riding next to Jory Wamsley, assistant director of Admissions at KU. I always knew I wanted to get into higher education as a part of my career path, but I never knew how. During that ride, I learned about KU's student affairs program, funding options and the application process.

Jory took me under her wing and gave me the opportunity to be a graduate assistant in the Graduate Admissions Office, which I'm sure was at times challenging, as I was pretty green (inexperienced). Pursuing and obtaining my degree was a wild ride (pun intended), but it is so rewarding helping students working in career services.

From time to time, I see Jory out on that Sunday ride that started it all, but I will never be able to thank her enough for what she did for me.




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