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Dr. Karen Rauch

Associate Professor of Modern Language Studies

Difference Maker

Nominator: Raquel Campanelli '14

Raquel's Memories: While attending Kutztown University, I came across many exceptional and dedicated teachers that made my time as a student enjoyable; however, there is one that stands out and truly made a positive impact on my education and my attitude while in classes and after graduation.  

After taking almost two full years off from school and working full-time, I was nervous and unsure about my abilities as a student. Coming back to school after taking time off was one of the hardest things I've done, but also one of the most rewarding, thanks to Dr. Karen Rauch. She has a reputation of being one of the toughest Spanish professors in our department, and for me, she made a superb difference in my academic career.

Karen is somehow able to strike an immensely enjoyable balance in her classes by having a laid-back atmosphere filled with intelligent conversation, making sure her students learn a great deal in the process. She has a way of making her students excited to learn and take a genuine interest in what she is teaching, whether it is the subtle nuances in a Spanish to English translation, or the biodiversity of Cuba. She quickly became one of my favorite teachers; the support she gives her students makes them want to make her proud of their progress in class.

After taking several classes with Dr. Rauch, she not only became a mentor to me, but a friend.  Her enthusiasm and belief that I could excel in my field made me believe that I could as well. She has taken time to show me graduate programs that I could be interested in, and advised and encouraged me when I needed guidance even after graduation. I am forever grateful for her influence. Kutztown University is full of outstanding professors, Dr. Rauch being one great example. She has inspired me in many ways, not only to do well, but to do good.

Nominator: Jordan Thomas '15

Jordan's Memories: I believe Dr. Rauch deserves this award because of the amount of dedication she demonstrated to her department during her time as chair. All students in the Modern Language Studies department knew (and still know) that she goes above and beyond her job title to serve as a mentor, as a walking dictionary, and sometimes, as a second mother!

Currently, I am studying abroad in Puerto Rico and I have been in contact with Dr. Rauch to discuss some of the fears and doubts I've had during my experiences here. Even though she is no longer chair, she has yet to let me down.

I have had Dr. Rauch two times as a professor in the past, and plan to take her classes again in the spring. I know that she will hold me and the rest of my classmates to the highest level of responsibility and character, in and out of her Spanish language classes.

Kutztown University should be honored to have such an intelligent, caring and dedicated professor on their campus. When I graduate, I will take her methods and devotion to her students with me into my own classroom.

My hat goes off to Dr. Karen Rauch!

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