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Dr. Kurt Friehauf

Professor of Physical Sciences

Difference MakerNominator: Christina (Rhoads) Sullivan '05

Christina's Memories: Kurt was instrumental in helping me forge my career in geology. Not only did he assist me in finding summer internships (which I found are very important to employers), but he also encouraged me to apply to graduate school, and additionally helped me prepare my resume for job hunting.

He encourages students to do what they love: he knew I wanted to do mining, and even though he knew it would be tough for me as a woman, he encouraged me to travel down that path. When the opportunity arose to apply for a position with a field camp out of Boston University in Ireland, he not only encouraged me, but also helped me to prepare for this great opportunity. He encouraged students every fall to give presentations on what they did that summer, whether it was working at a field camp, an internship, doing student research, etc.

I firmly believe he helped me get to where I am today. He truly does care about his students; he has even been networking with me, trying to help recent graduates get jobs within my company. These are just several examples of how caring a professor he can be. He is wonderful in the classroom as well: I struggled with mineralogy and he had the patience to tutor me on the subject and give me pep talks before exams. I truly believe he needs to be recognized for all of the hard work he does for his students!


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