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Drs. Linda Cullum and Patricia Pytleski

Associate Professor and Assistant Professor of English  
Difference Maker

Nominator: Vasiliki Veres '14
Vasiliki's Memories: "You are human."

In times of immense stress, pressure and sadness, these three simple words serve as my guiding light. The influence of the aforementioned words is often discounted, and their meaning deemed common sense. Most overlook how these three simple words heal through reminding. They ensure that it is okay to make mistakes, for you are human. It is okay to feel, for you are human. It is okay to have a bad day, for you are human. Sometimes, all you need is to be assured that it is okay, for you are human.

I credit the power of these three simple words to Dr. Linda Cullum and Dr. Patricia Pytleski of Kutztown University's English department. It is because of their kindness, patience and utterances of "you are human," that I am the passionate and dedicated teacher I am today.

I realize this prompt asked to write of one KU faculty or staff member who made a true difference in my education and/or was influential in my career success, but I could not find it within my heart to pick between Dr. Cullum and Dr. Pytleski; their mention of these three simple words will echo with light within my mind when I find myself lost in darkness.

I am forever grateful to KU for leading me to them.