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Dr. Linda Cullum

Associate Professor of English

Difference MakerNominator: Troy Spier '14

Troy's Memories: Linda and I first met during the start of 2013 when I enrolled in her Teaching Writing class. It was here that we developed a relationship that would last for ages.

Although there is an inherent power dynamic between professor and student, Linda never gave the impression that she was above anyone. In fact, her feedback on every assignment and in every personal situation was so deeply appreciated by everyone, that we "moaned and groaned" upon hearing that she would no longer be teaching the class. How would a generation of future teachers bring the same level of introspection and compassion to the classroom without Linda? I haven't yet determined if there's an answer to that question, but I do know that she is the most deserving faculty member I have ever met.

When I decided to apply to graduate school and the Fulbright Program in fall 2013, I thought for sure that I would not be considered a competitive candidate. Nevertheless, Linda never hesitated to write letters of recommendation on my behalf. In fact, she also helped me consider my options when good news began to arrive. Because of her continued support, I am now a Ph.D. student at Tulane University in Louisiana.

The day that Linda retires will be an immeasurable loss to the student body at Kutztown, but recognition from the university for her pedagogical methodology, her scholarship and her warm personality will suffice for now.

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