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Dr. Maria Sanelli

Professor of History

Difference Maker

Nominator: Ryan Feeley '04

Ryan's Memories: I am now in my 11th year of teaching, and I cannot say how much I appreciate the training and guidance that Dr. Sanelli gave me when I was student teaching at Kutztown.

Dr. Sanelli took the time to do little things that I always deeply appreciated, like matching us with cooperating teachers whose personalities fit with our personalities, or nominating me for "Student Teacher of the Year" for Pennsylvania. She taught us to use creativity in our teaching, showing us many different methods and critiquing us on our use of them in the classroom. She taught us so much practical knowledge, from the big ideas (be flexible-fire drills, two hour delays, assemblies and the like will happen, so always be ready to adapt) to the small ideas (middle and/or high school students will count the number of times you walk from one side of the room to the next, the number of times you say "um" or make fun of the way you pronounce a word, so be aware). She encouraged us to attend conferences in the discipline, such as the Middle States Conference for the Social Studies. 

But most importantly, Dr. Sanelli was able to emphasize the importance of enjoying teaching. When she taught us, or when she described her experience teaching, her sense of joy for learning and teaching were impossible to ignore. The things Dr. Sanelli taught me still guide my instruction today, and I feel they are largely responsible for my becoming a dedicated, well-prepared and creative educator.

Thanks, Dr. Sanelli!



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