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Dr. Marie-Aline Cadieux

Professor of Music

Difference Maker

Nominator: Emily Brown '16

Emily's Memories: Dr. Cadieux is a professor who is willing to go above and beyond for any student who may be struggling, even after trying their very hardest to succeed. If it wasn't for Dr. Cadieux, there is a large possibility I wouldn't still be at Kutztown University; she has truly made a difference in my time here.

At the beginning of my freshman year, when I became emotionally and mentally sick and had to take a short medical leave, Dr. Cadieux was the only one of my eight professors who reached out to see how I was doing during my time at home. This spoke loudly to me and made me feel like I was more than just another student to her.

Additionally, last year, when I was really struggling with a class, Dr. Cadieux was always willing to help me in any way she could. Her door was always open. She truly made me feel more confident in my own capabilities and was always willing to help me through tearful days.

If it wasn't for this excellent faculty member, I truly believe I may have given up and left KU. She has given me so much encouragement and help, which I will remember even after I graduate.  

Nominator: Cherish Livingston '14

Cherish's Memories: During my time at Kutztown University, she taught me that there are many ways to teach. Teach through music, compassion and understanding; if a student doesn't grasp a concept, change it. Make it a fun, out-of-the-box activity. The way she taught me is how I teach my students now. I have developed into an out-of-the-box , funny and compassionate music teacher because of her!

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