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Prof. Matthew West

Instructor of Geography Difference Maker

Nominator: Hope Rothermel '09

Hope's Memories: Matthew West is the reason that I am sitting in this very chair in this very office enjoying this career, today, and every other day. A career in geography has been a perfect fit for me, and Matthew West recognized that almost 10 years ago when I attended Lehigh Carbon Community College.  

Matthew West taught Introduction to Cultural Geography. I entered his classroom as an education major, and left his classroom as a geography major with a plan to transfer to Kutztown University. Matthew recognized my potential before I did, and helped me form the connections with Kutztown University that would later give me all the tools (e.g., scholarships, recommendations, knowledge and experience) I would need in order to obtain a graduate assistantship at West Chester University.  At West Chester, I obtained further knowledge, experience and connections, which would eventually lead to me landing my dream job. Part of the reason my career is so amazing is because I continue to grow in it each and every day. I have been able to climb the ladder as the years go by, and I am now a project manager in charge of designing a GIS for the rural water system throughout the entire southeastern part of North Dakota.  

Matthew West created a ripple effect in my life. This is only my story. I am sure that he has touched the lives of many other people. To say that he has "made a difference" is an understatement; he has made THE difference in my life.