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Dr. Richard Courtney

Chairperson and Associate Professor of Geography

Difference Maker

Nominators: Renee Kamen '97, Zach Graves '15

Renee's Memories:

Dr. Richard Courtney made learning fun. It sounds cliché, but it's true. It was in his classes that I was able to explore my passion, urban geography.  Although he may not have known it, his classes allowed, for me, a lot of possibilities. It was Dr. Courtney who made me realize I could have a career in geography, and even urban planning. He also made me realize the value of education, and making the entire college experience mine. I discovered my leadership skills though his constant guidance, and I am forever grateful for what I learned in his classroom and in our conversations throughout my time as a geography major.

 Zach's Memories:

Dr. Courtney was a great asset to my learning experience at Kutztown.  I learned a little bit of everything from Dr. C.  He wasn't my advisor, but he was always there to help.  Never once did he hesitate to assist me when I had some type of question or concern.

Even now I consider him to be a great resource to call back on. I was constantly being pushed to continue my education; Dr. C always encouraged me to go the extra mile. At one point, he may have even saved me from dropping out!

He's truly the type of professor that cares about his students and wishes to see them succeed.  



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