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Dr. Robert Ryan

Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Robert Ryan

Nominator: Michelle Wythe '15

Michelle's Memories: During the spring semester of 2014, my home burned down during finals week. My family and I lost everything.  

Due to the fire, I was unable to take my final for Dr. Ryan's statistics class. I was unable to study for this final because I had lost all of my books in the fire. Dr. Ryan provided me with his copy of the book for the course so that I would have a means to study. He also met with me throughout the summer to review the entire course with me and help me prepare to take the final.  

I am so very grateful for all he has done for me. He took time out of his break to meet with me and reteach the course. He was very understanding about my situation, and helped me through everything.  

I could not think of a better professor to nominate as a "Difference Maker."