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Prof. Roxane Rix

Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Difference Maker

Nominator: Eric Eldred '13

Eric's Memories: The most influential mentor, teacher and friend I had at Kutztown was theatre professor Roxane Rix.

When I transferred from Montgomery County Community College, I came to KU alone, and was not really sure what I wanted to do with my life. I had done some acting in high school, and it went well, but I wasn't sure if that was what I really wanted to do. After finding out late about theatre auditions (and the impending dissolution of the program), and piecing together a last minute monologue and song, I auditioned for "The Lower Depths" and "School for Scandal." 

After completely embarrassing myself in front of the entire faculty with a poor song and a lackluster monologue, Roxane took a chance and called me back for her show, "The Lower Depths." She cast me in the show, and from then on, I learned so much from her. She helped me grow as an actor to heights I'd never seen, casting me in multiple shows and helping me in my own personal life as well.

During rehearsals for her show, "Dog Sees God," she shared an event from her personal life which not only helped her and me grow stronger within the show, but outside of it as well. If not for her, I'm not sure if I would be a working actor today.

Roxane, along with the other faculty members and the friends I've become so close with at Kutztown, made me beyond happy I graduated from this university. I thank her so much for the patience, courage and kindness she showed me in my years there, and I couldn't be any happier than I am now, knowing all I've learned from her. 

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