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Prof. Todd Dodson

Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Todd Dodson

Nominator: Elizabeth Angstadt, attended '11-'12

Elizabeth's Memories: In my short time at Kutztown, I was affected by Todd Dodson, a professor in the English department.  

When I began college, I had no clue what I wanted to major in or pursue upon graduating. I took a writing class with Mr. Dodson and was inspired and motivated to do well. He encouraged questions as well as participation, and ALWAYS helped to turn a student's wrong answer into the right one. Mr. Dodson was always available after class and outside of class to help with anything his students would need.  

I took Mr. Dodson my second and last semesters at Kutztown, and had the same kind of experience, if not an even better one, with him the second time around. What a great, understanding and caring man Mr. Dodson is. His influence in my life went far outside the classroom.  

I am now a senior in college and am graduating with a minor in journalism. I have Mr. Dodson to thank for all the great advice.