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Dr. Will Rapp

Chairperson/Professor Emeritus of Music

Dr. Will RappNominator: Tammy Jandrasitz '98

Tammy's Memories: I loved my time at Kutztown and recommend this school to so many young adults.  The campus is beautiful, I cannot complain one bit about the on-campus food and I met the best people during my tenure.  

In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I have been the director of the Marching Unit's color guard/band front since 2002.  I do this because I not only enjoy being around the current students and visiting the campus, but my time spent as a member of the color guard made me want to give back to the university I love.  

One of the main reasons I came to love KU was because of one particular professor. This person was the band director during my membership with the band, and someone I looked up to very much: Dr. Will Rapp.   First, as a freshman, being on my own for the first time was exciting, yes, but also scary. His father-like character helped me to feel comfortable day in and day out, and his leadership of the band provided me and so many others with an outlet to continue my favorite hobby (twirling and color guard), while being part of an organization on campus that made me feel completely connected to KU.  

He was tough. He expected us to give 110 percent. But he wanted the best for us. You never felt put-off by him. He was approachable, yet demanded respect, and I completely respected him. I trusted him. I believed in everything he had to say, and he believed in us. He made me feel proud of my accomplishments, on and off the football field, and I truly felt that he, too, was proud to lead us.  

To this day, I smile when I think about the time he came up to me after a performance. He gave me a hug and told me that I had done a great job, and that it was because of me that high school students would now consider attending KU. I never felt so proud. He was like that with everyone; he made us all feel that we had been given a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and promote Kutztown University. I really felt like I was part of something special.  

I will never regret my time with the band, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be led by such a wonderful man.

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