The 34th Annual Association for the Development of the Person Centered Approach Conference

What is ADPCA?

The Association for the Development of the Person-Centered Approach is an international network of individuals who support the development and application of the person-centered approach. ADPCA welcomes the participation of educators, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, health service providers, counselors, organization development specialists, students and all persons who are interested in the field of human relations and personal and interpersonal development.

About the Conference:

The ADPCA Conference is a unique way to experience and learn about the Person-Centered Approach and Client-Centered Therapy. The experiential side of the conference combines daily large community meetings (encounter groups) and regular small groups, both being a central part of the conference. The academic quality is also very present and consists of person-centered practitioners, trainers and students from different cultural and professional backgrounds sharing workshops, presentations, discussion groups and/or practical demonstration sessions. At the conference, we also have ADPCA Business Meetings where matters related to the Association are openly addressed, discussed and decided in a democratic way. ADPCA does not have a hierarchical structure, so all members have the right to share their views and equally have a say in the decision making process and non-members participating in the conference are also welcome to join these meetings.

Conference Theme:

If I have peace within me, I may be able to project that peace into a relationship with another. The peace between the two may then be projected into a small group. The peace within the small group into a larger. We are more familiar with the negative version of the uneasy individual, the paranoid sect, nations at war. - Karen Butcher 

"There is one who sings the song of his own life,

finding everything within himself.

There is one who leaves the circle of her self,

and sings the song of her people.

There is one whose voice rings with the song of humanity,

hoping for the highest perfection.

And there is one who rises even higher,

uniting with all creatures, with all worlds,

filling the universe with song."

- adapted from a poem by Abraham Isaac Kook - 

Keith Haring Artwork, copyright Keith Haring Foundation